Friday, September 19, 2014

Dream Board: Baby Boy's Nursery

TGIF!! It has been a very long, stressful, exhausting and expensive week, but our doggie is home and seems to be doing well!! I was running around all day and finally had some time to decompress tonight.  I saw that I missed a really cool prompt the other day for #blogtember and goodness knows, I need all the inspiration I can get right now for baby boy's nursery!!

We have the walls painted with "Manitou Blue" and when I google that color, this image popped up and inspired me:

It's a bit eclectic, but I really loved the contrast of the bright orange and blue.

We have a few crib options we really liked at Buy Buy Baby, but nothing has been purchased!! I am not very "theme" oriented when it comes to a room---I like it to express feelings/moods: happiness, love, peace, fun, lively…

So I think something similar to this "dream board" would be perfect for our little man!!

Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery by jennifer-delle-fave featuring a round lamp

Daddy is an avid hunter, so I wanted to incorporate wild life of some sort--a deer picture or pillow.  He also loves football, so I would love to find something that fits in.

I love the bright pop of orange to accent with; certainly wouldn't do too much, but I think maybe a sheet, a throw pillow, and a stuffed animal would work! 

I think I'll keep the curtain neutral.

We'll need a standing lamp, as there is no overhead light.  I also love baskets to organize with; they really help reign in all the baby stuff you need!  

Swaddle blankets are a must as well; the muslin ones are perfect for so many things.  

The Rock and Play sleeper is on my 'wish list' and I really think he'll get a ton of use from it.

I want to find him a special little stuffed animal too, before he is born. I bought Brooke an adorable ballerina bear, and my heart just melts when she plays with it.

Anything I should add? 

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