Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Makes me Happy?

I used to say, "I'll be happy when…" and that sentence finished usually with a new purchase, an amount of weight lost, a certain goal being achieved.

Then I met my husband Joe.  He shared with me the "secret of happiness" and it's really no secret at all.  Just simply be happy.  Now, I get that it's not all sunshine and roses. I understand that life has some terribly depressing moments and awful events happen--those are exceptions.

I will tell you that it took some time and my first "self-help" book to see clearly, what exactly Joe was talking about.  We went to the bookstore one day, when we first started dating, and he was picking out a motivational audiobook and encouraged me to do the same.

I found this one:

It has about 5 or 6 CDs and I would listen to them on my daily 45 minute commute to, and then again from, work.  At first I didn't really care much about what she was saying, I kind of just listened…and then a funny thing happens with these motivational books.

They start to speak to you.

I found myself listening to it all of the time and wanting to hear more from other authors.  [this is why I believe I have such a huge spot in my heart for AdvoCare and all of its leaders.  I get it. And once you 'get it' you want ALL of your friends, family, loved ones, strangers, everyone, to also, "get it."

But that's the thing.  Not everyone does or will.  But you have to keep sharing this notion that if you just keep working on yourself, you to will be…





Whatever it is…

And for me, I just wasn't "happy" like Joe was happy all of the time.  And now?  I really am.  Sure, I have my down days, where life just seems to poop on me and I can't get my head on straight and I mess things up left and right.

I'm talking about the daily grind and the overall sense of happiness.  You can't look towards someone else to make you happy; I think most people have been on both sides of this. It is so easy to let happen in a relationship.  One person is usually always trying to make the other person happy, and it can just become downright exhausting.  It's one thing to cheer up a loved who is having a down day, but if they're constantly needing reassurance or are using you as an emotional punching bag, it's time to check your priorities.

Since having my daughter, I find myself looking at life through her eyes a lot more often than I ever imagined.  Everything is a wonder to her and it slows me right down.  Well, that and her baby brother growing inside me!  I cherish the snail paced walk we make from the car to the grocery store.  I smile at her love of bubbles--such a silly and simple thing, but the joy she finds in it!

Happiness to me is sitting next to my husband watching a movie or maybe enjoying a quiet meal.

It's a freshly cleaned room before the paw prints and sticky fingers get a hold of it.

It can also the view of paw prints and sticky fingers, showing how much love there is in this place we call home.

It's crawling into bed, feeling nice clean sheets hug my tired body.

It's hearing my baby's heartbeat at the Doctor's office.

It's driving around with my husband looking at land, dreaming of our future and all that we look forward to in life.

It's a fresh manicure or pedicure--to be able to feel like a pretty girl, even though I'm "just a mom."

It's usually a good sweaty workout--but those are on hold for a bit, while baby boy keeps baking these next few months…

It's staring at new baby socks and hats, day-dreaming of holding my son.

So if you're in a rut, go to the library, grab a book or audiobook and listen/read.  Focus on the good and it will overcome the negativity that you are facing. I promise you.  What you attract, will be.

What makes you happy?

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