Friday, September 5, 2014


Day 5!!

Today's prompt is I am passionate about                        .

Sometimes I think that I am too passionate. I feel too much.  I think too much. I care too much.  As I get older, I have learned to somewhat "tame" my emotions, as they can really drain you!  Don't get me wrong,  I think that it's actually a wonderful thing, to be passionate.  To have something that drives you to become more, be more, and better than you could ever imagine is a powerful and necessary thing for us to live out our best selves.  However, I believe that you need to think with your head sometimes and not just your heart, and be aware of following through with your passion.

That said, I am still very passionate about life!  What exactly fires me up? What do I consider myself passionate about at 33 years young?

Good health.  After having a little bit of a 'scare' last year with brain cysts or other potential problems, hearing that only thing I can really control to help my health, is eating healthy, working out and keeping my stress levels down.  I take that so very seriously, as I have people who really count on me to be around--Brooke, baby, hubby, family...

Family.  Without close friends (whom I consider family) and my actual family, I can't really think of anything more important.  I know we are all so busy in life and always have "things to do" but at the end of the day, the love of family is really all that matters.  I am making it a goal to spend even more time with everyone I love. I know I just stated a few days before, but I want my home to always be open and welcoming for all.  I often times wish we didn't have so much communication via email, text, Facebook, blog etc, so that people just 'stopped on by, to say hi.'

Love.  I am so in love with my husband and I know that we have something so special and rare.  We will be that 80-soemthing year old couple, still flirting and holding hands.  We take our relationship and marriage seriously and work very hard at it, but we also love with our whole hearts.  Is there really any other way?

Books.  My love affair with reading started at a young age, as my mom read to me when I was little, I learned to read to her, and then I read on my own.  I taught English for 8 years and have found much comfort in well written novels.  It's an excellent escape, but other a powerful life long tool--some books really do encourage us to become our very best selves.  No tv show, movie, you tube video, or any other technological device can replace words on a page.

Cooking.  I used to just love baking, but then I really fell in love with cooking.  The act of following a recipe, creating something from nothing, adding and subtracting different foods.  I know that food is definitely part of my love language and that it is my job to provide healthy, good tasting and nutritious foods to myself and family.  I love the act of sitting around a table, talking and eating good food that I've prepared.

Moderation.  I believe it is the "key" to many obstacles.  If we can just use self control and enjoy little bits of things, instead of becoming wholly obsessed, we can feel balanced and well.  A warm soft chocolate chip cookie freshly baked from the oven will not kill you.  Eating them all day and night, repeatedly will.  I've learned to begin applying this moderation philosophy to all areas (shopping, food, finances, internet, tv, etc) of my life and I can tell you, I am much happier.  Our society is all about, "More is better" and really it's not.  Enjoy the first few bites of that piece of cake, sips of wine, what have you, but then stop.  You don't need the whole bottle or the whole entire cake. Trust me.

Fashion/beauty.  I take pride in my appearance and enjoy dressing well, as I feel it reflects my personality.  I try to be practical about not spending too much on trends, but focusing more on classics.  I just love playing with colors and patterns.  I don't always know what I'm doing, but it's fun to me, and so I think stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying things [like ankle booties] or faux fur can be fun.  You don't have to always dress a certain way, which I used to think you did. I thought you had to be "preppy" to wear a polo.  Truth? Just wear what fits your body type, and what works for the occasion you're dressing up for.

I think this quote sums up exactly what I am trying to say.

What's your purpose in life?  What passions allow you to get there and enjoy the ride?


  1. my purpose in life is to take care of my family and my self the best way I can. My passion to have better health. With a really bad year the light is getting brighter and I just want to enjoy life. I have this post

  2. I love reading about your confidence and joy in your relationship with your husband. So many people only mock or complain about their spouses--but that was good to read.


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