Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion Trends: Hot or Not?

Day 4 of the #blogtember linkup and I'm all caught up. Yay!!  Today is all about fashion.  I am really wanting to grab a few fall magazines and peruse…even if I can't wear half of it (ok more like all of it) because of my big ol' bump, I still love seeing Fall trends.

I try not to knock people for fashion; I feel like it's your life, your body and you can wear whatever you want.  If you want to wear pants as leggings, be my guest.  Maybe that's all you had time to throw on as you rushed out the door late for an appointment because your toddler wouldn't get a move on! 

I believe clothes are an excellent way to share your personality with others.  Sometimes we hold onto items a little longer because of their sentimental value.  I love a good trend, but I believe in spending money on the basics and classics.

One thing that won't hang in my closet or on my bum will be these high waisted shorts. I've mentioned them before, and I just don't like them. I don't they're cute.  If it's your thing, heck run with it.  If you're my daughter, I can assure you your bum will not be hanging out the backside because your dad will have your head. 

They remind me of the "mom jean" and well, let's just leave it at that.  No mom jeans around these parts.  And no, my awesome stretchy panel pants don't count!! Haha.

High Waisted Short

High Waisted Short by jennifer-delle-fave featuring short jean shorts

Now, the funny part is I really don't love winter. I don't love the cold. I can't stand wearing all these layers…but what I do love? Is a nice scarf.  I feel like you just can't go wrong with a scarf!  I am obsessing over these fun chunky knits!

{Are ya hearing Mama D?! Haha!}  I just love the feel and look of a soft, thick, chunky scarf to wrap my neck up in.  I can envision me sipping some hot cocoa while the kiddos play.  Ok, so that will be a few years, but really.  How gorgeous are some of these?

Chunky scarves

Chunky scarves by jennifer-delle-fave featuring woolen shawls

Even the button detail is so cute and the neutral tones are just lovely.  I think they'd go so well with any top or jacket.  I don't plan on buying a maternity coat this time around, sine I didn't need one last time. I just wore a puffer vest and scarves and the baby kept me plenty warm!

I threw in an animal print to boot, because you just need some to liven up the dead of winter.  That striped anchor scarf was too cute to not include as well!! But for now, I am lusting over these stunning scarves. 

What are some trends you take or leave?   Join the linkup! Brave Love

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