Monday, September 8, 2014

The Sounds of Music

We are HUGE music people in this house. I love that my husband and I have all different tastes and at any given time, you'll hear ranges from Jack Johnson to Jay-Z.   Britney Spears will always be my BFF.

This morning I pulled up my Pandora to see what I was last listening to, and it was on the "Today's Hits Radio."  This one is cute and catchy, am I right?  Even though I'm an, "Old married woman," I still think it's cute to think back about when hubby and I first started dating and those butterfly feelings that I had…and still get from time to time!

Brooke and I just love dancing around, so usually that is the upbeat music I play during the day.  If I want to be more calm or zen, I'll listen to some of these top stations:

Brooke just loves a good "We're Jammin" song, and I attribute listening to my Jack Johnson station while I was giving birth to her.  It was upbeat, but still played some mellow tunes.

I love jazz music or Frank Sinatra to listen to while I cook dinner, sip a glass of vino (when I'm not pregnant) and relax.  I feel like music sets the mood and when having people over, it always helps the atmosphere!

In a bad mood? Turn up some DISCO music--who can be frowning to, "Get down, Boogie Oogie Oogie"!! A little Saturday Night Fever never heart nobody!

I also just love some country songs.  Our wedding song was "Then" by Brad Paisley and it will always be one of my favorites.  I always feel like he's singing our life!  We definitely don't listen to a lot of hip hop or rap any more, as little ears can hear.  I do love some naughty words to help motivate me through some crazy workouts [currently on hold] and I will blast a tune or two when I'm riding solo in my Yukon, but for the most part I listen to my talk radio on Sirius XM.  I just love Dr. Laura--the world needs more of her! 

I can't neglect the current pop song (yes I am forever a teenage girl at heart) by Taylor Swift.  Girlfriend makes some great points here and Brooke loves to just, "shake shake shake it off"

What tunes move you?  Any good songs I'm missing out on?

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  1. This is such a good idea (using screenshots of Pandora stations)! I love that your stations are about as random as mine! I have Today's Hits, Today's Country, 1990's Pop, 2000's Hip Hop, 3 Doors Down, Lana Del Rey, Christian Music, Forrest Gump Movie Score, etc. I'm telling you, I am in LOVE with Pandora!

  2. great post Julian loves Disney Radio. I like Kelly Clarkson lol.......

  3. Lovely selection - BIG Amy Winehouse fan here!

  4. I almost used that quote about music as well! I love me some Brad Paisley! One of my favorite groove songs right now is Happy! I can't seem to get it out of my head and I guess that's ok, because it makes me....Happy!! hehe!


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