Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 13: Relationship

Thirteen!! Holy moly.

A few things have come up lately and blogging {like it tends to} took a backseat.  I'll catch-up!!

 Today's prompt is very important to me, as it is "share your relationship." I've been married just a little over 4 years and have been with Joe since January 2008.

I always wonder what my blog would've looked like during my single and dating days.  So many frogs I had to get through before I met my prince!! I had never been engaged or married before I met Joe, so when he popped the question October 23, 2009---I was MORE than ready to say yes!!

Our story is simple and you can actually read more about it here.   I love the way we met and looking back on our first few dates, they always put a smile on my face.  That said, we had our share of differences, and quite a few fights early on.  There were moments when we wondered if we were truly meant to be, or if we were too different to make us work.  Through a lot of communication, compromising and love, I consider us a power couple and stronger than I'd ever imagine my marriage to be.

We dated, engaged, had a dream wedding, an even more amazing honeymoon, one daughter and a son on the way.  I would say we are living our dream life.  Every day we wake up grateful and happy.  We sure have our share of tough times, like currently with our dog, but I know we can get through anything together.  Life just keeps getting busier and we seem to be adding more to our plates than subtracting; we've started our own business, owning rental properties.  While it's not terribly time consuming, it's certainly in the infantile stages and requires lots of thinking, researching, and is one more thing to juggle in the scheme of life.  However, we believe that handwork and dedication will pay off.  We may not be relaxing on a lake or chilling out every weekend at BBQs, but in time I know we will be living very comfortably.  We sacrifice the down time now for what we want most later in life.

I know that I was meant to be a wife and a mother; it makes my heart full and I just love raising our daughter--a product of the love of my life and me.  I know that our little boy will capture our heart, just as Brooke has done.  I cannot put into words how crazy amazing it is to look into your daughter's eyes and see the man you love.  It's pretty awesome.

But there are moments when I miss "Joe and Jenn" because first and foremost, I love my husband.  That is why we took a trip, well tried to take a trip, just the two of us last Spring.  Little did we know we'd be going with baby boy on the way!  Without that solid foundation of a trusting, loving, caring, friendship and romantic marriage, I don't think we would be providing the very best that we could for our children.  He's my best friend and there is honestly no one else I'd rather spend a little more time with, than my husband Joe.  We believe in date nights and alone time, as that is so important for our children to see how much their parents are in love.  To put "us" first sometimes only makes the family better as a whole.

It's really amazing to look back and in almost 7 years, see how much two people can grow, accomplish and become.  I think we're doing more than alright and I can't wait to see what the next 50 years bring! I can guarantee it will be a wild ride.

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