Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Fashion/Hair {prego style}

So, it's Fall [yay!] and I am embracing the wonky hot/cold temperatures and my bump!  I am fairly certain this will be the last time I carry a child, and so I am just enjoying the ride!! While sometimes I wish I was one of "those" pregos, you know, who don't even really look pregnant….my belly loves to grow and I just go with it. I exercise, eat right, and enjoy life.

So here are some of my "fashion" moments lately:

Date night a few weeks ago--

Kimono- TJ Max
Maternity Tank- Gap
Maternity Jean Capris- Motherhood Maternity
Shoes- Kohls

On Saturdays Brooke does "Soccer" so I try to dress comfy. {23 weeks}

Gray Maternity Tank-Gap
Workout Capris- Motherhood Maternity {Jessica Simpson brand}

I needed a "pick-me-up" day and a cute Fall top helped! I love the laid back look of the plaid, and yet the subtle girlie accent with the lace in the back.

Shirt- Motherhood Maternity
Skinny Jeans- Motherhood Maternity [Heidi Klum, 2 years ago]
Boots- Amazon

Errands/getting my hair did OOTD

Jacket- Old Navy Maternity [2 years ago]
Striped shirt- Motherhood Maternity 
Leggings- Gap
Leopard Flats- Target
Red leather purse- Italy

Speaking of hair…I was ready for a little more of a change. Obvs I chopped it a few months back, but I was kind of over the super blonde--all the same color--and used these pics for some inspiration.  I wasn't ready for "bronde" nor do I think I could pull off ombré, but a few darker shades of blonde and some really blonde pieces still, seemed to be perfect! 

Mid-foil selfie…it was really a tough week---I can see it in my face! Oy.

The end result: [and I was finally picking up Sadie Lady!]

Oh, and the best outfit of all? COMFY PJS!

I invested in these super cozy XL (non maternity) from Kohls two years ago.  I won't be able to button them up in the front much longer, but they're great for staying warm and perfect for nursing after giving birth.  

I tried to not 'break the bank' with maternity clothes, and I really did use a lot from when I was pregnant with Brooke…but I just love fashion and clothes.  And I haven't been able to really buy much "non" maternity because my body is really pregnant.  Like, I don't just wear regular pants and a bella band whatever.  Props to those who can, but mine doesn't work like that.  So, I thoughtfully bought items I knew I would get good use out of for the next few prego months and even after!  

All of the tank tops I bought when I was pregnant with Brooke are really just for around the house or undershirts, as I got GOOD use out of them for months.  I cook a lot, like all day long it seems, and my belly just gets right in the way of the ingredients haha! I wear an apron but I still spill…so I try to be mindful of what I'm wearing in the kitchen so I don't destroy my new clothes.

What's your favorite way to dress for Fall?  Prego or not…I'm all ears! 


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