Saturday, December 20, 2014

37 Weeks Bumpdate {baby boy}

I am officially 37 weeks--FULL TERM--today!!  

This makes me feel good, so if baby came early, he should be A-O.K.  I had my checkup yesterday and  it as just a belly check.  I told her about my weird side of stomach pain, it's just so tender and feels bruised or something.  She said we could do an ultrasound, but I can't really get in until 12/31…which is fine, I don't think it's anything alarming, but it is different than I had with Brooke.  From what I have read, it's probably my abs separating and/or he's just in this particular position where his knees/feet have been constantly pushing on that spot and it's tender.  Dr. said it could be a fibroid, but it's most likely not any issues with organs etc.  Things are just getting tight in there.  Oy!!

I have been getting way more tired, to the point where I am actually falling asleep/napping.  I must be really needing it, because usually I will rest, watch some Netflix, You Tube, or read, and then I'm fine.  On Tuesday, I legit fell asleep and drooled! I only woke up because I heard, "Mommy, ew stinky!" Yes, that'd be Brooke letting me know she needed a diaper change ;0)  Friday I fell asleep at 7pm and probably could have stayed asleep, but Brooke still needed to go to bed etc.  So, again the semi-can't fall asleep insomnia kept me up until 11.

I love feeling his twisting, rolling, stretching, hiccups…there's not a lot of room in there, so I can tell his movements are strong, but not as crazy as a few months ago.  I wonder how big he will be?! I am not sure if he will be smaller than Brooke or even bigger.  Will he have dark hair and eyes? {that is what my thoughts are, we shall see!}  I can't wait to hold him, kiss him, and snuggle that newborn itty bitty!!


I have been a bit of a roller coaster! I am super happy or kinda sad…stupid hormones! I get upset that we can't out out and do more, and then a part of me doesn't want to leave the dang house! So weird.  I am hoping the hormones aren't too crazy after birth.  I am excited that my mom will be here to help.  I am thankful we have Christmas to distract me a bit and I really can't wait for Brooke's face!  She is gonna love it.   I have friends going through some stuff, so I know I get worried about them.


I am getting up once or twice to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  The absolute worst is rolling left to right/right to left.  My left side of my pelvic bone feels like it's going to fall out.  SPD {pelvic girdle pain} is no joke!! My left knee, leftside pelvis, and back are KILLING ME some days.  I stretch, do some light yoga, walk…but nothing helps.  At this point, it's just breathe, wait, and know that it will be over soon.  Again, there are good days and bad days. I just try really hard to do the mind over matter!

Labor Signs:

I haven't had as many BH this week, I attribute it to my massive amounts of water, Rehydrate, and decaf teas I have been drinking. I am constantly peeing, but I figured it's best to be hydrated. I still get cotton mouth and am thirsty all the time, but no more contractions. I've been alternating black tea and red raspberry leaf teas.


Chocolate has been an, um, issue this week.  Weirdly enough, I did fine throughout the majority of my pregnancy but these cravings lately are insane!  Of course Christmas doesn't help and not being able to control my cravings with some amazing supplements kind of stinks, {I'm talking to you MNS!} so I am doing my best, but I need to check myself. #truth

Salads.  But I'm back to the point where I don't want to make them. So weird!? A salad tastes so much better when someone else prepares it…whyyyyyy???

Hospital bag is packed and so is little man's.  I still need to put Brooke's bag together, as who knows when we will be heading to the hospital.  Depending on the time of day, either my mother in law will come here to watch her, or we will drop her off at their house.  They literally live like two minutes from where we will deliver, so it will be easy.


I'm ready.  When he's ready.  His due date is 1/10/15.  I am trying to not get my hopes up for a few days early or on time birthday, because if he is anything like his sister, I could be visiting my OB again that appointment on the 16th of January.

I wonder if he'll come on Brooke's birthday, January 11th.    As for her party, I think we are keeping it super low key, having it on her actual birthday since it's a Sunday.  My sister is going to get her a Frozen cake and we will just have a dinner here or something.  I just don't want to plan an elaborate thing, only to cancel because we are in labor!  So next year we will have a big 3 party hehe.  Who knows, maybe the two of them will have a combined 1 & 3 party, most likely.

After birth:

I am really looking forward to nursing again.  Now that I know what I am doing, have confidence, I hope it's as easy as it was with Brooke.  Once we got it down, we were a great team! We only made it 6 months, so my goal this time would be a year, but we will see. I still have to prep my pump/bottles, as that seemed to work nicely last time. I had a good supply frozen and others were able to help out and feed.  Although, I have a feeling knowing this will be my last, I am already getting emotional about how fast it's going to go by.  So, hopefully I can keep that in check.

We are planning on doing the same thing again with Brad that we did with Brooke--in the crib ASAP.  The first few nights when they are awake all night, it's tricky, but without reading Baby Wise, I think we sort of sleep trained and it worked beautifully.  I actually ordered it the other day and look forward to reading it a bit.  I am all for some attachment methods, but we believe in the safety and security of the crib.  Heck, it worked so well with Brooke, she still stays in her BIG GIRL bed until one of us comes and gets her.  No reason why she can't climb out, open the door and run around the house…she just stays in there!

I haven't gotten very far into this book yet, but so I like what I'm reading so far.  It's basically what we try to do, but it's always a friendly reminder.  I enjoy how the book starts with the importance of the parents' relationship and how we interact with one another etc.  It really does set the tone of how your children will be!

So nothing other than that, I just wanted to give a quick update.  I get a little bit of free time today, as Brooke is going to my in-laws while I can get my hair done---FOR THE LAST TIME WITH ONE KID! AHHHHHH.

I remember writing that with Brooke, well, I said without needing a sitter.  Too funny.  I still can't even wrap my head around how I am going to get errands, grocery shopping, or anything done with two! haha but someone people do it.  Heck, they do it with even more!!  I will figure it out.  I can promise you that I will be snuggling the heck outta little Brad, every stinking minute I can…I. can't wait!

3 weeks to go?! Any bets on when Baby Brad makes his arrival??


  1. I think you'll go before your due date! Can't wait to see photos!

  2. Girl so happy for you . I thank you will have the baby before your date date also. yay for baby


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