Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Random Tuesdays!

Towards the end of long days when Joe works until 8 (9) I am exhausted.  I may be popping on the Hallmark Christmas movies and watching little miss run around with reindeer antlers.

We have been going through our "Christmas bucket list" quite nicely!  Maybe not exactly on the correct date, but it is very handy to have all my activities listed so when she starts getting antsy, I can go to our craft bins and pull.  These were from Hobby Lobby and super easy!

I made sure to do it on the day we had swimming so I knew the marker would wash right off her fingers!

Daddy was running late at work, so we got into play-doh too!

She loves to swim! She just doesn't like having to do what the rest of the class is doing…

Baby girl is very much into tutus and skirts--I am having trouble finding them now that she loves them! She only has this one, and of course it's a terrible picture because she's always on the move.  Where have you seen affordable skirts for 3/4T??

This may very well be her favorite "Sensory Bin" yet.  She always asks for it and just loves pouring the rice out into the cup.  She insisted on taking Santa out of it yesterday too, and she now knows "C".  Pretty cool stuff!

I do love our ghetto fabulous tree.  More pics to come, I pinky promise.  Brooke has been very good with "no touch" and so far, so good with all of our trees/ornaments. Yay!

I was excited to see birds enjoy this suet treat; however, the only friend so far has been this fat squirrel.

I am still trying to kick this cold. I made some chicken soup on Friday and I do believe it has healing powers. [fresh herbs, homemade broth, garlic, onion] Soothing and tasty on a cold day.  So simple!

Pretty much sums up our latest grocery trip.  We have a potential N'oreaster coming our way and I think people got the memo and were stocking up…so it was kinda crazy at the store and we waited in line a little longer than we normally have to.

Annnnnnd can we just touch base on the mere 5 weeks away from having two kids?!  I can feel him move all the time and I swear it feels different than it did with Brooke.  He is so big feeling and definitely kinda hurts!! This visual was kind of cool to me, to see what he looks like all scrunched up in there.  Running outta room little man…soon enough you'll be in arms!

Today we have the "Gingerbread House" on our to do list…but I may save that for tomorrow or Thursday when we're snowed in.  I am almost done with my shopping, but we still have a few more people to buy for and EVERYONE needs to be wrapped. My back hurts just thinking about it haha!  Now that my Coffeecino has sunk in, I must tackle the dishes.  

Have a lovely day friends!

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