Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ALL-IN 2015

I know we are all busy with the holiday hustle and bustle, but I just had to share this amazing opportunity for better health in 2015!!  We love our group challenges here in Advo, since we know that support is a huge part of success.  Well, we are gearing up for the BIGGEST group challenge in the history of AdvoCare! We are talking about over 80,000 people taking charge of their health and starting off the new year right.

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Perhaps you've been enjoying a few too many cookies, or just feel like you're stuck at a plateau in general.  This is what you've been waiting for!

If you've been considering a challenge,
NOW is the time!
Not only will you have accountability & encouragement from others (so you are more likely to stick with it & finish strong), but there are tons of exciting extras. Check out all of the freebies AdvoCare is throwing in for members:
  • Free expedited SHIPPING. (so it arrives prior to Jan 7th)
  • Free blender bottle.
  • Free wristband.
  • One-time free shipping on your next order of $250+ retail orders in January.
  • Daily virtual coaching from your microsite.
  • A new, updated 24 Day Challenge app with daily reminders for taking supplements.
  • Meal & snack ideas, recipes, & tips.
  • Kick-off call with instructions.
  • Webinars from our sci/med board.
  • Pre-orders that won't process/charge on your card until after Christmas
  • Don't miss out!!

I admit, starting is the hardest part.  Excuses are easy to use and we often get stuck using them, over and over again.  Well, when you finally face the reality of needing to feel better, look better in clothing, or just take control of your eating habits/energy level, I will tell you, you won't look back!

My first challenge was in August of 2013.  I lost 10 lbs, 12 inches, and 2 pant sizes.  I was still a long way from my goal weight, but it was HUGE push for me and boosted my confidence to stay motivated. 
By December, I was back into my fitted sweaters and new skinny jeans!
Come March, I was smaller than I was pre-pregancny and never felt better, even in my silly disco costume!  I never thought I would feel that great after having a baby.  {No one could believe I had a one year old at home!}

And by May, I was in better shape than ever…and actually 4 weeks pregnant here in this photo!  By staying on products I had lost over 30 pounds, countless inches and had more energy than I knew what to do with…ok that's a lie, I was actually able to workout twice a day and take care of everything else I had to! 

So while I cannot actually "challenge" starting Jan. 7th,  I will be cheering my team on and helping others reach their goals!  I still pre-ordered so that I can take advantage of the free shipping, the wristband and blender bottle.  #canneverhaveenough I also will be eating clean alongside everyone, and cannot wait to get my hands on some new healthy clean recipes and share!

Are you All-In?  Who else do you know that may be interested in this amazing deal and some awesome freebies?  I would love to coach you and have you be a part of our inspiring support system.

What do you need to do?  Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like further instructions, but it's SUPER simple.  You become a member (which is a no brainer, it really does save you tons of money!) by signing up here.   You will receive $59 in products, Spark and Slam--wahoo energy and mental clarity---and the membership is much like BJ's/Costco where it's no monthly minimum or anything.  You will get 20% off the rest of your orders.  No, you don't have to "Sell" or anything.  It's just the smartest decision financially! 

Next you'll pre-order your ALL-IN bundle and pick your flavors of Spark and Meal Shakes.  Yumm! You will also choose the MNS best for you and I would throw in a bottle of Catalyst, thermoplus and Carb ease for best results! Oh I love those guys.

Be sure to plan out your meals, and get with your coach (it's what we are here for!) and make sure you are ready to rock 1/7/15!  


I'd love to hear from you. Each & every comment is so very much appreciated!! :)