Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Early Christmas Fun

It was "Small Business Saturday" last weekend and also Christmas in the Village of the town where I grew up.  We were supposed to meet up with my step mom, but she's really sick and hopefully gets better soon!!  I had my sister meet me there, in hopes of helping with both my niece and Brooke. It was bit chilly, but I think they had fun!

There were all these guys walking around and Brooke just adored them! She high fived them and Santa was there too.  She didn't sit on his lap yet, but she did stare!!

Next up was Christmas story time at the library.  That lasted about 3 pages and she wanted no part of it, so we went out and played in the other area…

Next up was Truffle Mac and Cheese from a food truck---YUM!

I did a little shopping on my dad's sale at his store!

The girls wanted to go on a horse drawn hay ride…..SO COLD!

Thanks again Aunt Brianna for helping out!

Sunday brought us tree shopping. 

Come on Daddy!

Let's go find a tree!

Are you comin Ma??

Crazy bed head alert!  On Monday we pulled out some decorations and I tried to put ones that weren't sentimental and mostly unbreakable at her level.  She is obsessed with this little house, which reminds me of one I used to love that my mom had growing up.  Except ours lit up and had our house address on it so I thought it was magical.  This will have to do for now.    :)

Monday evening, toes tasted good.

Tuesday she insisted on decorating me, her car, and everything in between with these beads!

I am feeling REALLY {insert: tired, sore, swollen, frustrated, feel like he's gonna fall out} pregnant.  And then I go back and look at what I looked like with Brooke and realize, I really am 20 pounds smaller and somehow managed through it last time, so I can do it again!!

Decorating our tree.  I was so exhausted, I really give it the hubs.  He put all of our lights on the tree, most of the ornaments and helped me clean up.  It was a bit much trying to keep her from breaking all of the ornaments but I believe we only lost one.  We tried to keep the safe ones on the bottom half, and if you look closely, it's pretty bare on the bottom haha.  #christmaswithatot

Oh, and hubby did have a full on grizzly beard for November.  He then decided to shave it and have a mustache for two days.  Here is proof.

He then sent my friends a photo of himself, while he used my phone as a flashlight to hook up our tree to a timer--sorry guys!  It's creepy, am I right?!?

Slow and Steady my friends.  I just keep taking it one step at a time and doing what I can.  I am so slow and get easily frustrated, but I remind myself I am in the home stretch and it will only be like this momentarily.  I'll share some tree photos later, when the house is a little more photo ready and I can proudly show it off haha!

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