Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's Up this Week

There really is nothing cuter than watching my {almost} two year old partaking in Christmas festivities.  She's been really good about not touching a lot of the ornaments, but once in awhile I catch her sneaking one off.  She tries to put them back on, but hasn't quite figured that out yet.  Last night I got a little video of her "wrapping a bracelet" too, since I was trying to do some more wrapping, she wanted to be like mommy.  #meltsmyheart

She also randomly learned how to open our fridge door and was so excited, she yelled, "TA DA!" And of course, she just wants cheese, but she can't open that drawer yet, thank goodness.  She walked away after opening it the other night, and I was like "Hey, close the door missy!" And she goes, "Ha, oh sowwwyy."   She is just something else!

I kind of just pulled some craft items out and let her do her thing the other day. Haha.  As long as she didn't eat the glue stick, we were fine.  Which she didn't, by the way.  Luckily she hasn't been putting anything inappropriate in her mouth for awhile!   We colored, glued snowflakes, cotton balls and gingerbread men.

Tuesday night my friend and I exchanged our gift!!  We decided to do mani/pedis for Christmas! I treat her for this, and then in July she treats us for our birthdays.   It gives us some mommy free time and some pretty toes and nails!  We also stopped out for a bite to eat and had lots of girl talk.  Yay! It also made me really happy to hear that her and Daddy had a wonderful "date night" while I was out doing my thing.  They went to grab sushi, (she enjoys Teriyaki chicken) and she was really well behaved.  So good to hear, as sometimes taking her out can be rather challenging.  But they had a blast and that is what mama likes to hear!

I went with a sparkle red gel.  LOVE it!

I can tell my hands, feet, legs are starting to swell and get puffy.  My rings aren't tight yet, but they're getting there.  Just a few more weeks to go!

Wednesday I had to get us out of the house, so we just went to Barnes and Noble. She loves the train set, the legos, and all the books/toys.

They have this little stage where they must have their story time, and she just jumped on it and danced around.  No one was really there, but she had a ball singing and prancing. It had me cracking up.  She's totally my daughter!

We walked the mall a little bit, bought a gift and had it wrapped.  The local school band was having a fundraiser, so we danced around to "Fly me to the Moon" as our gift was prestigiously wrapped.  As much pain as I am in, and as uncomfortable as I am, I really am trying to make these last few weeks of just her and I count.  I am so so so excited for Christmas morning and cannot wait to see her face.

We are hoping to take her to Santa either tonight or tomorrow, so that will be interesting!! We didn't go last year, and so this will be her first time.  I have my 37 week check tomorrow--ahhh!! This weekend I am getting my hair done, we have a 2 year old birthday party and my step-brother comes home for Christmas!! So much going on and a lot to get ready for.  Let's hope I waddle through! Here's to a great Thursday my friends!

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  1. She is just so precious. Glad you are hanging in there!


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