Friday, December 12, 2014

Busted Toes with a Side of Sunny Side Up

Well, let's just say that this week is not turning out how I thought it would be!!  Yesterday as I was starting to prepare my tasty soup recipe, Miss B tried to help.  And by help, I mean that she dropped a can of diced tomatoes on her foot!  It took awhile for me to figure out where said can landed, and it ended up being her little tiny piggy toe.  Ya know, the one that goes wee wee wee….yah.  So we iced it for as long as she'd let me and it's all purple now.

Poor girl, but she was so tough! After some snuggles and kisses to the boo boo, and much talk about it, she was up and at em in no time. Tough. Chick.

Meanwhile, does anyone else's kitchen ever look like this while they cook?? Goodness. She loves "helping" and her new favorite thing is stacking cups.  Whatever it takes to keep her entertained while I am in the kitchen, I will do…PS see the big box in the back? Santa has some work to do!  #kitchenset

So lunch was super yummy--that soup recipe I shared on here. OMG. Total make again and treat yourself to some of these!

It really came out well!!

Last night we were actually supposed to go out and have dinner with some good friends to celebrate their anniversary.  I got my hair all fixed up, makeup on, cute outfit…

Buuut reality hit (literally) when a couple came to pick up an old dresser/nightstand we were giving away on Craigslist.  The dumb thing fell apart and hit Joe right in the toe.  What is up with him and his daughter?! Needless to say, all plans were cancelled and he's been icing, elevated and applying essential oils like cray.

What are the odds I'd have two feet pictures on my phone from the same day??

Two. Peas. In. A. Pod.

Oh, and baby boy and me?  We are good!! Minus the whole, he is sunny side up and not facing the right way…thaaaaaaaat explains my odd symptoms, and by odd I just mean I didn't feel this way with Brooke.  Like what?  This back pain, which I had back pain earlier on with Brooke, but nothing with Brad.  Until lately--and this cramping, along with his feet or knees are kicking up by my ribs to the point where it hurts so bad! It's crazy how different pregnancies can be.

His head is down, but he is facing my stomach.  Hopefully he will turn on his own…so I've already started my venture on natural ways to get baby to flip, and enlisted my #1 source: my acupuncturist.  She said I have to warm my kidneys, so lots of black tea, walnuts, sweet potatoes, sea salt and keep my feet covered always!!  I'll do anything to try and get him to turn.  Oy!

So, heart rate was 144.  He's measuring on time, 36 weeks.  Head is down.   I did my Group B Strep test--so fun--not---and I will just assume I'm positive since I was with Brooke. I just had to have antibiotics as soon as I go into labor.  Now we start our weekly visits and I am full term next week!  

Here's to a *peaceful* rest of the day...

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