Friday, December 19, 2014

Fab Fit Fun {Winter Edition}

I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for good subscription boxes.  As much as I used to love shopping, leisurely taking my time to look around the malls and stores…ain't no prego with a toddler got time for that!!

I discovered this Fab Fit Fun box over the Summer and I really have loved them! I especially like that they are seasonal, so you get 4 a year, not one every month.  That can be a bit much…  So when my Winter one showed up, it was awesome!

  • Full-size, premium products delivered 4x per year.
  • Over $200 in Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Fashion Finds for only $49.99 per season!
  • FREE SHIPPING: We ship your box for free every season! 
  • Use code NEW5 to save $5 instantly

At first glance: A sample of Justin's Almond Butter---I LOVE this and have an empty jar in my recycling bin.  I may have packed this in my diaper bag already, in case I need a snack ha!

Zumba--?!?!?!-- I LOVE ZUMBA and as soon as I get the all clear postpartum, I cannot WAIT to try this 60 minute DVD out.  How perfect, since I don't have a gym membership (yet) and with two little babes, maybe this will be perfect for me!! Yay!

Fashion Project-- I glanced at their site, it is where you can sell/buy high end clothing…mama will check back on that later.

Upon opening-

Eye Serum--Gogi berry something or other, feels soooo soooo good on my tired eyes.

Salted--3 free months of cooking classes online with some fab chefs; woot!  I may save this until I can really use it!

$25 towards Zumba gear!!

Organic Apple face peel--I slabbed it on before my shower yesterday and I may have noticed a little more glow to my skin.  I can't get over how big the samples are!

Evening Primrose hand creme-- It doesn't have a strong scent at all, but it was really a nice think winter cream.  I need all the help I can get because I wash dishes and my hands so frequently, my thumbs have already begun to crack!

I'm pretty partial to my Muscle Gain Protein shakes, but I'll still give this a whirl. It does have 23 grams a sugar, which I feel is kind of high, but I like that it's organic.  I'm saving this for when I am ravenous with nursing and need to fuel.

Again, I don't usually buy snack bars other than Advo, but I'll try this out. I stuck it in my bag in case we are in a jam and I'm hungry.

Makeup!!  I love makeup.  These two shades of mineral makeup are not something I usually wear, so I will play around…

Any tips? {I have brown eyes}

This candle smells heavenly.   It's my "nap time" go to right now…I will light it while she sleeps, and I can catch up on blogging, emails, whatever…smells heavenly!

And lastly, this necklace which fights hunger.  One necklace buys 7 meals!! I thought that was pretty cool.

Do you have a favorite subscription service?  

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  1. I love my ipsy bag :) My husband purchased me a subscription over a year and a half ago and I've been addicted since. Only twice have I received something I wasn't a huge fan of. I'm not very committed to one shade or brand of make-up and I like to play around so ipsy is perfect for me! I've even found a few things that I love and use daily now. Hubs gets Dollar Shave Club and our dogs get BarkBox. We all get a special treat once a month (and best of all, they all arrive within a couple days of each other!) I'll have to look into Fab Fit Fun - I love that you get more than just make up or snacks! Merry Christmas!


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