Thursday, December 11, 2014

Let it Snow {happenings}

Happy Thursday!! What does it look outside of your window?  This is our current view and I am loving it! Granted, being almost 36 weeks pregnant and having a toddler, I don't mind staying indoors and watching it fall. I don't have a commute and there is no place I had to be yesterday (or today for that matter) so we are just enjoying the view from inside.

Kind of hard to see, but that pine tree can be seen from our bathroom upstairs, and I just love seeing the snow pile up on it!  Getting up a few times a night to use the restroom, it's nice to have a pink hue/glow to guide me to the bathroom.  I think it's from the snow and some of the street lamps that are on.  #lookingforpositives

So up for today?  I have had this recipe on my phone for awhile, just waiting for a cold and snowy day to try it out.  Today sounds perfect!  I'm using some of our venison sausage--I'll let ya know!  I love how instagram becomes a cookbook haha!

Nursery progress…slow and steady! I have his little changing area set up!  Diapers and wipes, all that fun stuff.  I still would like more artwork/signs but I haven't seen much that has really caught my eye.


  • Curtain rods
  • Curtains
  • Shelves/organization for closet
  • Command strips to hang with
  • A nightlight
  • A small lamp

I really love our tree!

Brooke read some Christmas books to baby and I yesterday morning.  She had a nice little table!  Speaking of baby, I have definitely been listening to my body…tons of BH on Tuesday and lots of pressure.  I just feel so much more this time around, waaaaay earlier than I did with Brooke. I keep looking back at my old blogs with her and I didn't feel anything until after my due date! My appointment is Friday (tomorrow) so I am wondering if I have any progress… baby boy needs to keep baking, but maybe he won't be fashionably late like his sister! We shall see!!

I also had the urge to start really tackling those last minute 'must dos' before baby.  Like re-assembling the car seat. I had taken it off to wash it and had to put it back together.  Thank goodness for You-tube! Brooke was a helpful big sissy and made sure Minnie was all tucked in safely.

While it snowed, we colored…

Aaaaaannd can I just say how EXCITED I was to see this pretty little box arrive at my door!?  I am super pumped to try out this Stitch Fix service and will do a full review on what I am keeping/returning.  Yup, you keep what you want and return what you don't! So so so simple. I will probably repeat myself, but to not have to pick out clothes for myself AND not even leave my house in a snowstorm?! That is what I call a WIN WIN.

I just have to share a preview and say, WOW.  I had told my stylist that I was very pregnant and was only looking for accent pieces to get me through the last few weeks and I will be nursing, so anything that she felt that work, send my way!! Well, this was the first item I pulled out and I didn't want to take it off!! Cozy. Warm. Cute.  Perfection.  The quality was so good and it literally felt like it hugs my body. If you are interested in this service, checkout this link! They work on referrals, and I just know you'll be hooked if you give it a go!!

Stitch Fix Link

Clearly, my fashion sense has taken a back seat while being in the final leg of my pregnancy; comfort and well, whatever fits!! These slippers work because putting socks on frankly hurts, and these leggings are a bit more fun than plain old black ones haha.  Maybe I'll put jeans on today…no promises!  Even Brookie had a jammie day yesterday.

Ok, time to get ready for the day!

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