Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bob & Nancy

My husband and I have a dream.  It may sound silly to some people, but to us?  It will be our most accomplished goal in life.  It's nothing we can buy.  It's nothing we can force to happen.  But with more than anything in our being, we hope to have a close family relationship, much like our neighbors have with their children.

It's funny on one hand, I wouldn't even know Bob or Nancy if we didn't live where we do right now. We are so excited to build our dream house and be living in the country.  I don't want to see into my neighbors houses or know when they're home or see who is over.  Likewise, I don't want them all up in our business!  But since we are so close, these lovely little homes here on my street, I take note of such things.

I see the teachers across the street leave their children with their parents daily, since they live a few houses down.  I see how late on a Monday night, most families are all tucked into their homes, all together, while I drag the garbage out because my husband works late night.   I am so grateful for his job, because it provides us this opportunity for me to stay home and raise the babies.

But Bob & Nancy?  They're like our parents ages.  They have one boy and one girl, who are married and now have children of their own.  They always come over and they all live in this same area.  I'm sure there lives are not perfect, as no one's is, but the point I'm trying to make is that, we want that part of what Bob & Nancy have.

We want our kids to be close enough so they can come by for dinner; I want to be there for my daughter when she has kids and is needing a mommy moment (or two).  I want to have a solid relationship with my son's wife because I know how amazing that feels, when you have that.

I don't feel sorry for us right now, even though we feel a little isolated and like we do a lot on our own, due to our circumstances.  I know we are so blessed in so many ways. I just pray that one day when we are the grandparents, we can be close to our grandbabies, like Bob & Nancy.  I know I have mentioned it before, but our biggest dream is a full table at the holidays with all of our family and friends.  I don't want to limit it to just holidays though, I would love Sunday dinners on our homestead with all of our loved ones.

I've been working a lot on vision boards and writing down goals and dreams, so that they happen. {It's amazing how it really works!}  I know I cannot control things, but I know Joe and I will do everything in our power, everything that we possibly can, to make this happen.

I don't want to be jealous or envious that Nancy and her daughter are so close and hangout all of the time.  Instead I want to focus on and nurture my own relationship with my daughter, and continue to strengthen our bond.  I know that being grateful for what I do have will do me more good than anything, especially in the long run.

Are there people in your life that you hope to be like in some regards?  

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  1. The family I used to babysit for is just like this! They have 4 kids all of whom I have sat for. Their oldest is 21 almost 22 which just blows my mind because I have sat for this family since he was 2 years old! Anyway we really look up to them and how close of a family they have and hope and pray that we can have a close family like them!


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