Friday, April 8, 2016

Fashion Friday

Soooo it's Friday!!!!
I cannot believe I am looking at snow accumulating outside my window.
It's really putting a damper on my fashion haha! 
I want to wear light and pretty Spring/Summer items and instead 
I'm still bundling up in sweatshirts and coats.

I decided to create a separate Instagram Profile.

It's a public one and I've decided to make my personal account private again.
Follow along for fashion inspiration!

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my looks this past week.
We'll call it, "mommy chic" as my friend Elizabeth called it.

Most days jeans is dressing up as a sahm.
Simple white v-neck tee and it's the perfect canvas to accessorize. 

Old Navy Fleece & sunnies.

For the wedding we attended, 
I opted for a mint lace dress, 
statement necklace 

I had to throw this in for fun. My "warm look" for last Sunday!

The howlite stone is one of my favorites! 
{This Howlite stone has calming properties and can be used to relieve anxiety, tension, and intense emotions. Wear this Limited Edition geo bar as a reminder to relax, keep calm, and carry on in style}

Real life:
Most days I'm so busy in the home, it's sweats, yoga pants & sports bras.
So when I do have a little time to add some fancy bling,

I love searching for inspiration for the next season's look!


Tassel Necklace 

Reversible Voyage Tote Bag

Getaway Bag
Tunics are going to be HUGE this summer! 
Along with the tribal look--very easy and chic.
I love that these can be worn poolside or out for a bite to eat and drinks.
What woman doesn't love versatility?

Tunic & Tassel Necklace

Have a lot of nice accessories?
It's probably a good idea to store them safely; whether you're traveling or just at home.
This gorgeous jewelry box is perfect.
Cute enough to leave out to look at and functional!

Travel Jewelry Box

What looks have you been wearing or lusting over?! 
Have a great weekend!

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