Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Rewind [a wedding & our land]

Happy Monday!!

I'll start with this photo because it's my new faaaaaavorite!! We got to get all dressed up for his cousin Mary's wedding! I just love love love his Italian family.  I wish I had met them all sooner! It's always an amazing time when we can all get together and celebrate.  This was no other.

PS this necklace is on MEGA sale right now!!

We didn't do too much Friday, and clearly mr bubs had big goals! He's such a little dude! He comes over asks for snacks (aka whines) and then climbs up on the ottoman, then over to the couch.  Stud.

I've been really working on healing myself naturally--that's another post entirely, but I do feel a bit better! I've been off my reflux meds for a week, since they weren't really helping anyway.

OK, so back to the wedding!

She had such a beautiful wedding.  It was simplistic elegance!  White tulips, roses, baby's breath flowers.   I would describe it as fairytale/rustic decor? I'm not sure, but they had twinkle lights and gorgeous touches all throughout the room.

Mr & Mrs! Her dress was stunning.

To the right of the candle were bells you could ring, so the bride & groom had to kiss.

Cousin Edward broke ours!  
Seriously it was so fun hanging out with these cousins and getting to know them even better. 
I only wish Edward's girlfriend were home, as she's in India right now.

The family made all of the apps and desserts.  

To. Die. For.

Best part of an Italian wedding!

Her cake was so pretty too! I loved the square look of it.

They wanted me to take some photos and post to Facebook so the relatives in Italy could see.

We didn't stay too late as we knew these two goofballs would be up bright and early, which they were, Sunday morning.

We made plans to have a sitter come over for a few hours on Sunday so that I could go with Joe and walk the land that he cleared awhile back.
 Little did we expect April temps to be in the negatives!

We layered, I mean LAYERED!  Leggings, jeans, wind pants, thermo top, under armor, sweatshirt and my crazy big jacket.  I bought this fur hat for Joe years ago, kind of as a joke but he LOVES it and swears it keeps his head/ears so warm.  Being the amazing husband he is, he made me wear it--thank you hubby!

He made trails around the 20 acres and even with my blistered feet (from dancing at the wedding) and busted foot (I totally smashed and broke into a baby gate when baby boy was climbing the window ledge) I survived!!

I love how we can go from suit/fancy dresses to down home country living.  It was really amazing to see how much work it's taking him to make our dreams happen and I love that we can be so hands on with the whole process.  It really makes us appreciate all of the efforts and sacrifices that we'll be making to be able to build this home.  It's more than just a new house; it's going to be where we raise our children and make so many amazing memories!  I can totally see all 4 of us riding on our 4 wheeler and just enjoying the outside. I'm dreaming of chickens and gardens and the whole nine!


  1. I LOVE that photo of you guys from the wedding! Sounds like it was a great weekend! Italian weddings and the massive amounts of food is crazy!

  2. Looks like so much fun, lady! the food looks delicious and love the pictures you shared.


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