Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sweet Mango Flatbread Pizza [recipe]

I made such a fun pizza the other night!!  
I'll be honest and the kiddos weren't totally impressed, 
but they love the chicken wings, however hubby and I were smitten!

I used Tastefully Simple's new Mango Lime Sauce and followed their recipe. You will also need:

-feta cheese
-sliced onion
-fresh diced mango
(it called for jalapenos but I opted out)

For the pizza crust, I honestly used the package of Betty Crocker pizza dough, 
where I simply add water!

I served it with watermelon and some chicken wings. 

{for the wings I use TS Garlic Parm wing sauce.
2 dozen organic chicken wings
on a large cookie sheet
baste with sauce
350 30 minutes
Take out and flip/baste again
bake 30 more minutes}

We just loved the sweet, salty, savory and freshness in every bite!

I could imagine this being the perfect pizza to be snacking on poolside on a hot day.

I will definitely be making this again!
It'd also be the perfect pizza to serve at a party because it wasn't soggy after it cooled down.


What are you cooking lately?

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