Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!
I've had a few requests asking what I've been eating, so I figured I would share.
I've really been playing with my diet, mostly because of my reflux. I've found triggers that really bother me and try my best to avoid them.

Meal 1-
2 eggs scrambled with a handful of spinach cooked in.
Sprinkle of feta cheese, a few tomatoes, & 2 slices of organic turkey bacon.

Matcha Latte with soy milk

Meal 2-
This has been a lovely in between breakfast and before my workout snack!
I just drizzle a little of the plain Kefir, not sweetened, 
over whatever fruits weren't finished at breakfast. 

Meal 3-
Post workout protein shake.

Meal 4-
Lunch today was 2 big red leaf lettuce leaves
-leftover whole chicken from dinner
-mix in a little bit of mayo (I like the evoo mayo) and a little avocado
-some grapes mixed in too with a dash of sea salt

Meal 5-

Tonight was man pleasing chicken thighs & steamed broccoli with sea salt and lemon.
I didn't have any brown rice and I feel like too many carbs bother me.

I'm really listening to my body and if I don't feel like having something, I don't.  I really hate having to watch every little thing at first, but my mood and my physical body feel so much better when I eat like this.  

I still have days where we have pasta or ice cream cake, but I try very hard to keep it to a minimum so that I feel my best.

What are you eating lately?


  1. These all look amazing! We have really been working on cleaning up our diets the last couple months too, and you can seriously tell SUCH a difference when you eat well. It's sometimes a pain, but I think it's even worse when you gegt lazy and feel soooo sick afterwards!
    xo, jen

  2. i'm Baaack ;) I need to clean up my eating too! After this week (Disneyland) I'm startin!! I just did the cleanse and totally cheated too the entire time :( :(


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