Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Home Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope you're having a beautiful day.  I wanted to share some things home-related on the blog, so I figured I would just lump them all together in one post!! I know it's not easy keeping up with the cooking, the cleaning, the organizing, plus doing everything else that we have to do in a day with littles.  I have found a few tricks or routines that may actually work!

What I struggle with most at this stage, is being able to complete a task.  I will start several things, but sometimes (most times) I get side tracked with changing diapers and trying to keep the kids both occupied so that I can clean, I feel like I'm running on a hamster wheel.

I will say that starting to use "Snap Chat" @mrsdellefave really does make me feel good about my day!! I literally look through my story and realize, holy cow, I do a lot and even though the floors may not be clean at 9pm, they were at 11am!

Really though, I know that it's a season and soon the kids will not be here making messes all day while I try to entertain them and clean up.  So here are a few successes I had last week:

I loved being able to throw it in the dutch oven, place it in the oven and let it cook for a few hours.

I steamed some carrots and then tossed them into some melted butter, honey, sage, & lemon.

I can't go wrong with my bread; everyone loves it!

The kids liked everything, but Brooke really only likes raw veggies. She "couldn't like the carrots" they were "yucky".

I like cleaning on Thursdays. I don't know why I prefer that day, but I do.  I also like grocery shopping on a Tuesday.  I think this is because Mon/Weds are late nights and that leaves more room for the kids and I to go and do something fun since Daddy works.

He pulls everything out of all the cupboards.  Thursday he discovered parchment paper.

I run my dishwasher 1-2 times a day.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the dishes, bottles and cups seem to multiply.  I need to get some more paper plates for Summer to help cut down on this haha.  I really don't enjoy dishes, but I do find it best if I prop my iPhone up and watch Youtube or TV on it.

I was really having an issue with my produce. We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, and they were just falling out of my bowls. I decided to use a big platter to hold everything and it works much better!

I had this bowl that my mom gave me awhile ago for a birthday present. I finally found something to put in it! I grabbed these for $8 at T.J. Max

When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I know that the first place to start is my room.  If I can clear the clothes, clutter and make the bed, life feels so much easier and more put together!

I ended with a quick steam mopping session. I go back and forth whether I like an old fashion mop or the steam mop, but I really love that there's no harsh chemicals.

Another simple dinner winner- Pasta with turkey meatballs.  Everyone loves it and I served it with some organic frozen veggies.  For my plate I gave myself 1/2 cup of pasta and filled the rest with veggies.

Want to know a secret?  Today is day #4 with no coffee. I know. I'm just as shocked. I ran out of creamer and decided that would be the day.  I don't miss the flavor or the feeling I was getting after drinking it (reflux) and I have replaced it with a matcha latte.  It's green tea powder and I heat up some vanilla soy milk---use my immersion blender and voila. Gives me a boost of energy and no yuck feeling!  Starbucks makes them and they're super tasty; I'm still perfecting mine.

Recipe here

How Jen Does it is really inspiring me to get my cleaning in order!! Check out her latest video.

My favorite thing?  This.  It was so hot out yesterday, I gave them two bowls of water and a few measuring cups.  They instantly soaked each other and ran around squealing.  I love that I have the deck to lock them in, and I can get some kitchen work done [since it's never ending!] I'm very excited to enjoy the nicer weather!

Any home tips you could share?

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  1. I know that with two kiddies and everything you have to do this might not be so helpful but Monday through Saturday I clean up to an hour each day. I have a cleaning list that I keep on my phone for each day of the week except Sundays (Sundays are my go with the flow days). For instance, deep kitchen cleaning one day and you can break out the 1 hr as you choose. Maybe 15 minutes until you reach an hour. I find that I don't think I'm cleaning all the time but I'm still able to keep my house very clean.


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