Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Watching Scandal.  I finally got caught up and I'm all like--whaaaa whaaaa?! Oliva Pope.  That apple did not fall far from the tree! I cannot believe she won't just go face the sun with Jake dammit!!!

Reading I finished The Nest, Girl on a Train, and just began Me Before You. 

Packing for Toronto.  It's always a bit of a process getting all of us all packed up and settled.  I worry about silly little details and last time almost forgot to bring the dog to my sister's. I need to make a list.

Cooking whatever is in the cupboards.  I need to do this more often. It's nice to go through and sort out what is expired (ew) and use up what we have.  Otherwise it's autopilot to the grocery store and buying more stuff.   Fish sticks for dinner, okay honey? 

Loving the sunshine.  It's so nice to take the kids out and play in the sandbox, on the grass, on the back deck, anywhere but in the house!

Disliking rude relatives.

Listening I'm loving these dance songs.  Jt brings a smile to anyone's face and I'm loving the Caribbean feel of Drake's One Dance.

Workouts I've done some barre legs, piyo and today I'm hoping to do my arms. Maybe a TIU workout is in order. Love those girls!

Dreaming up our home!  Hubby met with our builder and we have some action steps to take with our land!  I'm so stinking excited.

Planning June is almost here and the crazy that is!! I'm hoping to set up some fun play dates with friends so the tent sale doesn't drag on and we don't get too lonely without daddy for a few weeks while he makes that money.

Drinking my monthly Club W wine shipment!  I love that I can pick out 4 bottles, get free shipping and they arrive at my door.  You can earn referral credits, review wine and get credits and the wine is actually really good!

Enjoying time with my kids.  I feel like for awhile I felt a little lost, or like I should be doing more.  More of what I never really knew, but right now I'm really just into being mommy.  I know I only have the Summer left with Brooke home like this all the time, and pre-school will start (which will be wonderful for all of us!) but I'm soaking it all in.

Excited for Summer.  That said, I have so many ideas for us to do!  The house may be hard to keep clean, because I want to get out and explore when the weather gets hot! I want to find more nature hikes, playgrounds, beaches, you name it! How many spray parks can we hit up?  Can we make new friends with a pool? hehe  

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