Thursday, May 12, 2016

I confess...

...I wish I had a babysitter to hire so Nikki & I could go hit up the mall sans kids!! We were both laughing and saying we had the urge to go shopping, but with kids at the ages of 1, 2, & 3?  We were not ready for that mission. #thankgoodnessforonline

...We are supposed to hit 80 degrees today and THAT makes me a happy Summer Girl!

...I really want to just finish my book The Nest in one solid sitting.  I want to devour it up and feel so full of it, and yet I just don't have the time at the moment! I am reading first thing in the morning and making decent progress.

...I highly suggest going on social media fasts in the morning.  Starting each day by myself, with a book (No TV, phone, computer, ipad whatever!) It's so refreshing!

...I am loving all of the green buds on our trees!  Everything is slowly coming back to life!

...I'm on the struggle bus here with trying to get baby boy to drop the bottle.  Granted, I haven't tried very hard, but man, he looooooooves his 'ba ba' and it's not easy folks.

...It's been refreshing having another mommy of a toddler to hang out with!  I really need to make some new local friends.

...I want to buy new shorts, tops and jeans so badly! My post baby body is just not fitting into my old clothes; even though I weigh less than I did pre babies, it's just all different...and I need to feel confident when I dress.

...I got my new Summer bag from Stella & it's perrrrrrrfect!  I cannot wait to use it!

...I'm feeling that a little reset is needed.  Be on the lookout for some clean eating/cleanse posts soon.

...I also feel like I need to research new bubbies.  Yup. You heard.  Anyone have any tips?

...sometimes it hits me like whoa, I can't believe we own land and we are going to build a new house!

...we want chickens and I need to learn how to care for them! I've never owned chickens.

...the countdown is on for our weekend love trip!  Toronto is going to be a blast!

...toddlers make me want to drink lots and lots....and LOTS of wine.

...Nikki buzzed is kinda funny...

Have a fabulous day!!


  1. I just made E go cold turkey for her milk bottle and it worked.

  2. Oh my girls made me want to drink lots of wine too. I hope you have fun on your trip. My post-pregnancy body still makes me cringe. I lost the weight, started working out and things fit differently. I am about the size of myself pre-pregnancy, but my weight is a bit more. How is that? Thanks for linking up!

  3. I loved Toronto! When are you going?! They have a cool open arts thing at the end of the month where you can go behind the scenes at different theaters, galleries, etc.! Also... Niagara Falls is worth the trip in the evening! (Fireworks!) anddddd if you like sweet white wine, Baci is awesome!


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