Thursday, May 26, 2016

I Confess...

...that I am thoroughly convinced the hardest age is 1 1/2-2 so far.  I'm sure there will be struggles as the kids get older, but man.  Someone is super clingy, being a picky eater and rather fussy more often than not lately!  It seems as though the only reprieve is if we go some place, but that's not possibly 24/7.

...I got a little bit of color from the sun yesterday and I'm not mad about it.

...I'm on day 4 of my cleanse and I can't promise that I will make it 10 days without a drink. #toddlers

...that I'm stoked to have a pedicure date tonight with my girl Alison!  It's probably my last outing without the kids for awhile. of our sitters is moving to Buffalo and the other is super busy all Summer, so now I have to find more help!

...we have so much yard work/garden/deck work to do this weekend.  I can't wait to get some flowers to hang and plant!

...I felt like I was in a really great groove/routine with the kids and I'm trying really hard to get back on track, but it's so hard!

...behind my knee is hurting pretty bad. I think it's a tendon and it's from carrying the kids up/down the stairs and walking the dog, as she pulls really hard.  Pushing the double stroller also bothers it, as does grocery shopping.  I have been trying to ice it and rest when possible, but I barely sit all day so it's kind of an issue. I hope it gets better soon!

...I have no desire to clean, but the floors are bad already and I need to just do it.'s not even 10 am and I'm starting to sweat, bring on the high 80s and 90s woo hoo!

...I haven't been reading as much as I had been and I'm not cool with that.

...I need to go listen to some positive motivation because I'm kinda feelin in a funk.

Let's do this Thursday! 


  1. I haven't had the desire to clean either. As it gets warmer, I would rather be outside or doing something other than clean. I have been on a reading kick lately. Just started Luckiest Girl Alive yesterday.

  2. Enjoy your pedicure! Yard work needs to be on my to-do list soon too... our hedges are growing at lightning speed!

  3. i. hate. cleaning. Its so hard and just awful and miserable and i hate it. haha also, i agree that my 20 month old is REAAAAALLLY pushing my buttons right now. hope your pedicure was amazing!


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