Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday: Toddler Time

Soooo...when did my 'baby' become a toddler? Maybe I was in denial (hello bottle) or really he just grew up so darn fast.  I cannot believe how much fun, and crazy, it is to have two toddlers!  He will always be my baby, especially right now with his teething of his canines.  They are so much worse than I remember Brooke's!

This one starts pre-school in September, so I suppose I only have until then to call her a toddler.

I have learned the trick to happy kids =  TAKE THEM OUTSIDE AND PLAY.  Every day. Preferably twice a day.  It's amazing how much they sleep, eat & drink when I do this!  Luckily our weather has been super cooperative and though my house may not be as clean, my children are so happy!

His vocabulary is blowing my mind.  "Tree," as he points.  He says, "thank you" after you give him something, "bless you" when someone sneezes.  He loves cars, trucks and all things that go "vroom vroom."  Tractors and 4-wheelers are his jam.

We have some fave spots and this little gem has a Spray park which wasn't quite on last week. I bet it's running now!


He is such a little ham and knows he can't do al the things big sis can, but man he still runs around like a champ!

They laugh and love the swings so much.

Not sure what he was thinking here.

I like it when we have the place to ourselves. The kids love it too!

That was a cool day!

I am loving that we can bring snacks and rest and play and don't have to rush away.

My little monkeys.

When bruddar is sleeping or it's raining, Brooke and I have been reading.

Since the warm weather warmed up, we headed to Wal-mart stat for some new shorts and tops!  This little guy picked out the minion hat and refuses to wear it the "right way."

We've been having a blast these last few days and are getting ready for lots of exciting things!! Brookie has her first dance recital coming up, I just signed up to do the pre-school newsletter and we will have weekly play dates at different parks so the pre-schoolers can start meeting each other, how fun is that? 

I also just booked their first dentist appointments for July---omg! 

Family time: We have our eyes on the prize---our "staycation" will be after the 4th of July and that will get us through the crazy busy month of June. I'm frantically trying to fill up our schedules during the tent sale so we are not too alone and missing daddy too much.

I have lots to say, but I'm trying to really budget my time with my other responsibilities.  All I can say is that life is good and I truly mean it.

Hope you're having a beautiful day and following all of your hearts' desires.  

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  1. I can't get over how much they look alike! That hair!


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