Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What up Wednesday?!

I am love love loving the fact that I am MAKING an effort to find time in my days to read again.  I really had no idea how happy I am when I read! I was reaching for excuses left and right, but the fact is, we all have these same 24 hours a day and hellooooooo so many of them can be easily wasted!!

Like I mentioned, I felt like the universe was trying to tell me to start reading again.  Obviously.  I forgot how much of a reader I used to be! Goodness knows how that's possible, since I always had 95+ in English classes, went to college to become an English teacher and then received my Master's in Secondary Education (English) and then taught books to 7th-11th graders for 8 years.

I know that I have a desire to write a book one day, so I know that the best way to get going on that is to become inspired by other amazing writers.

My heart seems so full and I feel a bit like a piece of me that I've been trying to find, has been found. May sound silly to some, but man...if it feels this good to read again, I know I need to start dancing more.  That would be the other thing I miss most!

I am still listening to my motivational pod casts etc. but I am replacing most of my bad habits scrolling through and seeing what everyone else is doing {or portraying that they're doing} and I am really just doing more for me.

It's like an instant change and I hope to stay with it, and for that? I'm lovin it!!

I knocked this audiobook out of the park! I started it Friday and finished it first thing this morning. I'll do a little review later on, but considering I don't remember the last time I finished a book, I'm ecstatic!

PS What's another amazing audiobook I would love to listen to??

I also had no idea that others felt this way after a book, so much so, there's a meme! LOL I hate finishing some books because I don't know what to do with myself after.

I was super sad that my favorite cleanser was no longer available, but I tried this one and I LOVE it! It smells like a spa and so far, so good with my sensitive skin. I've been using it all month.

My curly haired babes who keep me on my toes, constantly trying to be the best mommy I can be.

I'm really enjoying my mornings--I've decided to not check social media right away, but rather begin with a book.  After that, I get to chat with Joe, get the baby, and this morning we had a family snuggle sesh in bed watching music videos.  Bradley may or may not know the words to "Bad Blood" haha!  After ironing Joe's clothes, I come down and turn on the Today Show on my iPhone.  I get breakfast ready and we all sit down to eat.  It's not always a smooth and easy morning, but today? Today was awesome.

Joe cleaned up his hunting gear (aka my excuse as to why I wasn't using the elliptical) and now I'm back on it.  Yay!

I am super pumped about our May sign up deal!! FREE KEEP!! WOOP!

My favorite keep of the week is the triple stone & the horn pave key.  Green quartz for healing, turquoise for friendship & African turquoise for positive change. (seems to be working!) The horn helps remind us of our inner power.  I'm all about healing stones.

I saw this look posted the other day and I may have to re-create it---how stunning!

I also have to brag about my pouches---seriously. I wish I had these sooner!! I used to be SO bad at marking up the inside of my bags with lip gloss, pens, whatever! Now? I can swap out my goodies and not mark up my bags with our pouches. Yay!

I use my pink Keep pouch for all my personal girlie essentials: gum, lipstick/gloss, hairband, coffee/tea coozie, tampon, blush...

And usually with the kiddos I have been using this green Stella & Dot tote for my day to day bag.  It comes with its own pouch and I use that for baby!!

What are you loving?


  1. I really liked Luckiest Girl Alive- it was very haunting! If you want to read another similar, try Girl on the Train, which is dark and mysterious and very good! I get book hangovers all the time!!

  2. I really liked Luckiest Girl Alive- it was very haunting! If you want to read another similar, try Girl on the Train, which is dark and mysterious and very good! I get book hangovers all the time!!

  3. If you liked that, I'd recommend The Good Girl, The Husband's Secret, and No One Knows!


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