Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fashion Friday

TGIF my fabulous peeps!!

I'm getting my blonde on today, and I am really happy about that!

I got my new Summer tote and here she is!

I'll be totally honest and say, I tried to use the chambray side, but it already started to get dirty (toddlers) and so I've switched it back to the mint printed side.  I love it!

My arm candy on Mother's Day.  I was feeling all zen and happy.

Saturday night, I did it! I wore the black jumpsuit! I had on some major heels and rocked it! It was actually really comfortable and not a pain in the butt to deal with running to the bathroom.

I wore my gold drape collar necklace and a gold bracelet.  I also used my city slim clutch.

Gotta love the snap chat filters.  I am LOVING my Bare Minerals makeup lately too!

We had such a fabulous night!

We have so much fun together. I love you boo!

I wish I had some more fashion wisdom for you, but I don't.  I am beat. Haha!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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