Friday, May 6, 2016

Fashion Friday: The Black Jumpsuit

Happy Fri-Yay!!! Woot woot!

We are most likely outside mulching or something fabulous in our front yard as you read this on Friday.  I'll talk more about that later, for now? I'm ready to talk fashion!

I know the black jumpsuit was on trend last year, and sure enough, it's still a hot outfit!  My step-mom gifted me one for my birthday last year.  My birthday is late July, so usually in the hot Summer months I tend to show off my legs in dresses when hubby and I get to go out on date nights.  Plus, if I'm totally transparent, I didn't feel good in it last year, quite yet. I was still a little heavy and carrying around some lbs, but this year, I'm ready to try it!

I found some images via google, that I hope inspire me, much like my last post about the white jeans.

My question is, what to accessorize with?! There are so many options, such as a long statement pendant:

I like the statement earrings and ring look; the neck has its own thing going on, so you wouldn't want too much going on there.  I like the touch with the high pony.

Here it appears she's letting her neckline, curls, and bold clutch do the talking.  And the shoes? #nailedit  I'm still torn if I want to do big loose curls, or straighten my hair--it's getting so long!

This is so fab--incognito look with an animal print bag to take the spot light.

I'm thinking I may go with the gold drape collar necklace.

I bought this because I loved the simplicity and yet classy look it has.  I love it with a basic tee or dressing it up for a night on the town.

I personally believe black and gold go together like orange juice and champagne.  They're both absolutely wonderful alone, but paired together?  #heavenly

My only concern is, how annoying will a jumpsuit be for a night out on the town? {I'm talking bathroom trips ladies!}  I guess I'll have to find out.

It's so important for us to go out to dinner. We'll be celebrating my sister's birthday with dinner and drinks, and the whole idea of getting dolled up makes me giddy!!

Follow me on snap chat for some getting ready for a night on the town snaps! I'll share my hair, shoes & makeup for the night! 

What are you wearing lately?


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