Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings

Happy Monday & happy May!  I'm so excited for May.  I love that it's when the flowers start to truly bloom, the trees become green, the weather warms and Summer is right around the corner!

I have been feeling as though the universe has been sending me signs to read more books; I was feeling jealous looking at others on social media reading all of these books, and realized I have the time, I just have to find it and replace it with some other time suckers (ie. Facebook)

These two novels are my "goal" for the month, but to be honest, I'm already halfway through another novel on audiobook, so that's awesome!  {Currently listening to, The Luckiest Girl Alive}

I'll save the novel discussions for another post, but I have a few friends reading along with me, will you? I'd love to build my own little sense of 'book community'. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that replaces a good page-turning-read.

We've had a fairly quiet few days; lots of housework, reading, snuggles, and yard work!  The weather is still on the cool side, and it rained all day yesterday (and today it appears) but that's okay.

Thursday Joe felt a little achey, under the weather, and not so well. I made my "healing soup" which I now refer to as 'magical' and he was asleep on the couch by 8:15.  The kids made use of his couch time, as he rarely rests, but we must listen to our bodies and do so.

Friday he woke up feeling a little better, so he was able to make his rounds at the rentals and put up some smoke alarms.  He also took Brooke along to help him.  I was able to sneak in a brow appointment and then we went to the mall for new shoes for the kids. Turns out Bradley is fine, but Brooke had grown a half an inch.  She found an adorable pair of light up Minnie sneaks, so those are her nice shoes and she can wear her older ones outside to play.

I waved the white flag on dinner, so we went to Kobe and enjoyed some sushi.  After that we took a short drive to our land, walked around for a bit, and piled back into the truck to tackle bed time.

Saturday the sun was shining so we enjoyed a little walk out back.

We also had a little lunch on the deck.

We played for a bit, I gave mid day baths, (they seem to make night time routines a little easier) and

Post bath, naps, and dance class, we decided to grill up some pork belly & ham steaks.  I also threw in a frozen pizza to help hold the kids over a bit, and I loved that there was no pressure to all sit down and eat. We kind of grazed/ate tapas style and relaxed while the kids played and he grilled. I also grilled up some portobello mushrooms and drizzled some balsamic vinegar on them. So tasty!

Our lilacs are starting to bloom! Not the best picture, but you can kind of see them.

Joe spent all day raking, laying dirt, mowing, and cleaning up around the back.  We're hoping to really control our mosquito problem this year and enjoy our deck!

Brooke helped him lay grass seed.  Mostly I just saw her run around and play with her ponies.  But it was the innocent way she galloped, skipped and sang that made my heart skip.  Watching her be a kid is so amazing on so many levels.  I only wish I could stop time and make them stay this little forever. My silly girl.

I'm on 2 weeks of no coffee--so far so good!! I start each morning with a cup of herbal tea, or sometimes a green tea.  I will be honest and say that I miss the jolt of energy, but I feel better overall.  I haven't had any headaches because I do drink green tea that has caffeine, but the energy I get is slow, gradual and is more mellow and it stays with me.  No crashes.  I definitely realize my body didn't do well slurping down a Spark or a coffee first thing in the morning.  Our bodies are not made for that!

I thought this tea tag was quite fitting.  


  1. I'm currently reading me before you and have the nest on my list! Keep me posted.

  2. Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend! Those are the best!


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