Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brows: to Wax, or not to Wax?

Definitely Wax.
It takes work to feel and look great.
 Some things, I just can't do as well as the pros can, 
so I learned {the hard way} to leave it for them.
I'm very picky now.
Take the eyebrow for example.
It seems simple enough.
Brow powder.
For many years, I didn't even know you were supposed to tweeze your brows. 
Then I tweezed too much.
Double doh.
Then I thought I was doing just fine.
Yeah, right.
Since I have found an expert, I leave them alone and let her deal!
Meet Deb from Brow Biz
Did I mention I'm picky?
 Look at this amazing work:
If you're in the Rochester area and need a "mini makeover" 
 seriously go check her out!!
It's $25 well spent.
She also has an awesome makeup system, Viva La Face.
Check out her Facebook Page
I love it!!
Do you have a favorite beauty professional?


  1. ok i have to tell you an eyebrow story. yesterday i went to a ribbon cutting event for my job and there was a soon to be mayor and he was all stoked about being mayor and because the ribbon cutting was for a nail and wax salon he got his eyebrows down for when he is sown in as mayor. ok maybe this story isn't as funny unless you know this guy.

  2. I am terrible at keeping up with my brows. TERRIBLE! And brow powder? I don't even know what that is. You should post a picture tutorial! ;)


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