Saturday, December 31, 2011

Au Revoir 2011!

So, I've seen a few of these 2011 posts floating around...
and I could NOT resist!
It was a huge year for us, and even though 2010 is when we got married,
I think 2011 was almost better, in a sense where we've really learned a lot about
one another and have truly connected.
I love our life.
Here's a re-cap in photos:
January brought doggies really getting along together, 
extremely cold weather,
& our "knowing each other anniversary" at Delmonico's {our first kiss/purposed to me spot!}
February was full of looove! 
Sugar cookies, cake truffles, Valentine's Day dinner & Holly in a cute shirt!
 And every year we go to the "Ugly Disco"
to raise money for children.
Joe looked a tad creepy this year while I rocked a bump-it!
 March was always such a long month when I taught..
We made a delicious Coconut Shrimp {need to make again!}
I went and visited my girlfriend Ann {so weird to be away from hubs, even for a night!}
and made my favorite new Stella and Dot purchase!
April kicked butt!
We went on vacation!!
{I will need to post all about it!}
Here's a sneak peak! 

May was hectic: we celebrated Cinco de Mayo, because we could, with margaritas, I tried on bridesmaids dresses for my sister's wedding {no, this is not it!} I choreographed a Jr. High Play Fame, and I came home to a mostly eaten melon. #dogscountersurfandeatourfood
June was insane.
I never see hubby as he worked 14 days straight, 
12+ hours a day. 
It was craaaaaaazy. 
However, the first weekend we were able to slip away to LA for business/pleasure.
And at the very end of the month,
all my friends and I met up at a trendy restaurant.
July started off with a bang!
We celebrated ONE year as a married couple!
We drove down to the winery that we got married at.
Stopped for lunch where we had our rehearsal dinner.
We enjoyed our tasty top layer of wedding cake!
Joe's high school friend and his girlfriend {now fiancee} came to visit!
And then it happened.
I turned the big three-zero!
Hubs went aLL out! 
Surprises left and right.
I am so lucky to have all these people in my life!
You know it, "I want it that way!"
August was fairly low key. 
We attended a wedding

and a wine tour!
This was during Hurricane Irene, so we were prepared with our rubbers!! HA
The best wine was here!!
I learned that the wine on big tours isn't really that great.
I guess I really am "all growed up"...
I had fun though!
September was different for me...
for the first time EVER, I did not go back to school
I couldn't be happier, still.
We celebrated Labor Day at our cottage, 
 And began a new tradition:
And at the end of September, I took a plunge and began blogging!!
October is Joey's birthday and he has another tent sale, where he has to work a lot.
I cooked a lot of meals, ran them up to his dealership, and got ready for his birthday!
We had a fun date night with our friends Chris and Jill. 
And one of his gifts I got was a sushi class!
Read more here!
November hubs hunted a lot
And I blogged even more! 
And I went hunting with him! 
And that leaves us with
It's been a wonderful year and I cannot wait for all
of the excitement that 2012 brings!
We will be ringing in the New Year
at home.
Just the two of us.
With our two pups.
How was your year?!


  1. Oh my gosh.. Busy busy year! Sooo much fun! I love all the pictures!!! So many memories, trips, and milestones! Love it.

    xo, Ashley!

  2. Super cute blog. I love your wedding pictures. Im now following you.

  3. Fabulous year! What a blessed life

  4. Happy New Year! Love the pics! Hope you have an amazing 2012!


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