Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday's Fancies White Christmas!

Twas the night before, night before Christmas! 
Happy Friday ladies.
I have some last minute Christmas shopping, baking & some fabulous gatherings to attend. 
What will you be doing prior to the big day? 
Hubby is off today so that is great, he can help me buy for some of the tricky people on our list! 
Over at AV {long distance loving} we are linking up for White Christmas Fancies! 
If I had a really fancy party to go to, I'd love to wear this crisp white dress.
Rose gold is still capturing my heart.
And that ring, is just SO me.
I would love to rock this outfit!
I was teetering between pumps and boots, but since where we live is a tad cooler, 
I thought boots would keep me warmer. 
{As if I am really wearing this haha!}


  1. I have to work today as well as finish all my shopping and baking, I'm starting to stress! Have a good day and a Merry Christmas :)

    xx Emily @

  2. Okay, that ring is stunning.... I need it; well, I don't need it, I want it!

  3. Love all the winter white! The dress is gorgeous!!

    Merry Christmas!


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