Friday, December 16, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway Winner & Friday's Fancies

It's already Friday!!! 
{P.S. Christmas Eve is in ONE week....did you just have a mini freak out sesh?
Yeah, me too.}
This means, tomorrow is my cookie party--wooooo!
I can't wait to bake, frost, eat, & be merry with some amazing women in my life!
And for today?
First I'd like to announce that the winner of $25 Scentsy Credit.
I had 48 entries & used

And that would Molly from Blonde Out Loud
Please contact me so I can get you in touch with Erin!! =D
Thank you to everyone who entered.
And I'm participating in today's link up over with AV at {long distance loving}
We Sparkle. 
and Shine. 
I'm super excited about all festivities Christmas related.
We have a few gatherings and I cannot wait to break out the sequins!
How will you let your inner sparkle shine?
That was this week's theme--
OK ladies, listen up.
Things are going to get hectic. 
Crazy, even! 
Remember to live in the moment.
Remember that no matter what, Christmas will still happen. 
You will get everything done.
And if you don't? 
It's always good to have a nice expensive bottle of vino on hand, to ease anyone's frustrations.
Oh, sorry, maybe that's just me.
May I strongly suggest:
If you still don't know what to buy me, any of those would suffice. 
Always remember to:
And my random teenage girl music choice of the moment:  
It just puts a smile on my face!!!!!
Go ahead.
Sing along.
I dare you not to.


  1. Ah love this outfit! :) It's much much "wearable" than the one I put together hehe

    That nail polish? Those shoes? Awesome pics :)

  2. oh that outfit is awesome!! love the sparkle! thanks for the wine suggestion, definitely need to get on that! i heard cost plus has a sale on cupcake and i definitely have heard great things about it so i wanna try it!

  3. that dress is amazing and I'm really loving that Chanel nail polish! what a beautiful color!
    visiting from FF, happy to have found your blog! so cute.
    have a lovely weekend!
    Mae from Lili & Mae

  4. Dang too bad I didn't win haha. I love that sparkly shirt!

  5. alright..i just played that song on repeat about 5's fine? i hope?

  6. Eeee! I have never won a bloggy giveaway!! Totally made my day!


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