Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes & Always {and an OOTD!}

Happy Tuesday Boozeday! 
No, I'm not drinking, yet.
{'Tis the season!}
Coffee, yes. 
Alcohol, later.
Today I'm going into my girlfriend K's Kindergarten room.
She's wanted me to go in forever, but when I was teaching full time, the last thing I wanted to do with any time off was go into another classroom. I'm excited to see her work her Kindergarten magic!
I believe we are doing centers & working on Christmas crafts.
Go ahead.
I'm also linking up for the first time today with the beautiful Megan over at Mackey Madness

Sometimes: I say I'll start something as soon as I get the task...whatever it may be.
Always: I end up procrastinating and waiting until the last possible minute.  It always gets done.
Sometimes: I want to be the one who gets the last word and/or tell people what I really think.
Always:  I'm the adult. I give in. I'm the bigger person.
 Sometimes: Hubby and I wonder what it'd be like to live on an island. For realz.
Always: We decide we'd miss our family and friends too much to leave.
Sometimes: I wonder what life would be like if we don't have kids.
Always: Think about what our life would be like with little munchkins running around.
Sometimes: I say I'm not to drink coffee.
Always: I end up drinking half a pot. I just love my caffeine
Sometimes: I wish I had Kelly Rippa's arms
Always:  I admit, I'll do tri-cep dips & push-ups off the bathroom counters/end of our bed!
Sometimes: I want to ask hubby take my OOTD photos so they look better.
Always: I forget and end up with a mini really silly looking photoshoot with myself.
Exhibit A:
Dress: Marshalls 
Leggings: Some store in Paris
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Infinity Scarf: Express
Boots: Target
Watch: Armani Exchange
Bracelets: F21/Stella & Dot
Earrings: F21

What do you do sometimes & always!? 
Link up!!


  1. hah i always ask people to take pics of me but then i end up doing it myself too ;) so funny!

  2. LOVE your outfit! And I would llike Kelly's arm too, we'll share! :) You are adorable.

  3. Haha that's soo funny about Kelly Ripa. I literally just told my hubby the other day I wish I had her body. And I'm loving the outfit. Super cute scarf :)

  4. Love that outfit!

  5. I am such a procrastinator. I love when I get bursts of energy and just get a bunch of things done. However, that doesn't happen too often haha!

  6. Super cute outfit! And hello, I would totally move to an island. For realz. lol

  7. Those outfit pictures are too cute!! LOVE!

  8. First off love the outfit!! Secondly, I dont act like an adult..I always have to have the last word! If I dont it burns inside for days lol
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  9. adorable outfit! you're adorable! new follower!
    Merry Christmas!!

  10. I procrastinate too! I am awesome at it! :P
    Also, I LOVE your phone case! :D

  11. Your outfit pictures are SO cute!! I always have to take my own pictures because my husband thinks it's weird! Haha!! And sometimes we talk about life with kids versus life with no kids. But the kids always win out!!

    Thanks for linking up with me, love!!

  12. Bahaha.. LOVED this "Sometimes & Always" :)

    Btw, come live on an island with MEEEE! ;) It's fun, promise! And you only miss your family for the first few weeks... then you realize how fun it is :) haha Plus you have Skype...... or you could just live vicariously through my blog. Win, win... right? :)

    LOVE the Christmas layout btw... can't believe I'm just noticing it. I'm such a ditz.

    Happy 3 days til Christmas! xoxo


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