Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just Dance

I love to dance.
I danced from age 3-17.
At 3, my mother saw me shaking my toddler booty to Michael Jackson's "Beat it".
Dance recitals.
Dance rehearsals.
Dance competiions.
I love to dance.
Sore muscles.
Bloody toes.
Cracking joints.
I also love fun dancing music!
Zumba is the closest thing dancing that I do now and it makes me so happy.
I love doing it on the Wii in my living room, even if people stop outside my window and watch.
But I don't care.
I just love to dance.
I still feel like a weirdo in Zumba class too because I shake my thang.
I'm crazy dancing around, while others barely shake their rumps.
Especially when songs like this:
Or even this come on:
 When is the last time you danced like no one's watching?
Even though everyone is!
Seriously, one time a lady watched me from her car outside on the street. 
I dance around the house while I clean.
In the kitchen as I cook.
Around the living room with the doggies.
I still dance upstairs when I get ready. 
I'm not on a toy chest with a hairbrush singing to NKOTB or Tiffany.
But I'm still dancing.
Ok this song too..
I just can't stop!!
Good thing I like to dance around burning cals as I cook up too much food for my sister, future brother-in-law, step-bro & lil niece comin over for some football!
What makes songs make you wanna shake your groove thang??


  1. lol! I'm not that big of a dancer because I have a hard time letting go and "dancing like nobody is watching" but I try! I love Zumba and try to go on Saturday mornings! There are several girls in our class that can really shake it! ;)

  2. I want to try Zumba!! I think I would love it!! I hated dancing when I was little. I used to get "sick" before every dance class. Haha! But then I started cheerleading in middle school and high school and I started LOVING dance!!

  3. I love to dance also but I'm not that great. As long as I'm having fun though, then I don't care!

  4. That's so cute! I admit, I don't dance nearly as much as I should. But there is nothing like a spontaneous dance party! I need to incorporate those more into daily life...thanks for the reminder :)

  5. My toddler and I dance all day. He loves music! I was a dancer growing up too and can still stand up on the knuckles of my toes- it is my go-to ice breaker trick :)


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