Friday, December 9, 2011

We Got our Tree & Decor Part I

We got our tree yesterday and later today we will decorate it.
 It was the last "big" tree they had
it started falling on me!
Unfortunately my throat is killing me,
I fear a sickness has slowed me down some.
But on a positive note, we woke up to this:

I finally started decorating our home!  
I have a lot more to finish & then share with you.
Master bath
My cooking nook
Can't wait to put my new holiday Scentsy there!
Flowers came in this cute winter vase last year.
I put some nuts in it: now it's cute & a healthy snack.
Simple decor for the kitch table {thank you Pinterest}
One of the walls in our kitchen

Downstairs half-bath
I need a red pillar now!
I just love lights!
Also bought a small little pine tree/plant thing at the store
A basket filled with shiny ornament balls & a cute stuffed reindeer.
 Our front door from the inside:
Front entryway:
A small tree skirt, mini santas, snowmen & a Yankee candle
I'm hoping I feel better enough to decorate the tree, 
attend a cookie party & get this house in shape
for my annual Cookie party next Saturday.
I'll share more with you later. 
Have a great day and stay healthy!!


  1. Yay for the Christmas tree! I love your simple centerpiece. Your bathroom decor is so cute. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas :)

  2. great looking tree! cant wait to see it decorated. i understand that fear of sickness, my sickness has been over two weeks now, ugh! go away sickness go away.

  3. Yay for christmas trees! Have fun decorating tonight!

  4. Love the lights in the bathroom! Snowmen are my favorite thing to decorate with ... then I don't feel bad leaving them up waaaay past Christmas.

  5. I love all your holiday decor! Really festive and adorable. =)

  6. I am so obsessed with hand towels, and I adore all of your festive Christmas ones! So fun! Your house is looking great!


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