Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Week in Workouts

Bliss to Bean

Workouts this week were pathetic.

I am keeping it real. I could totally fabricate and tell you all I worked out every day. But I am an honest person, and I want to keep myself accountable.  We all have off weeks, and this past one was mine.

I worked out once.

I have no excuses, I just need to be better.

Tuesday- CU24 Melt Move & walked dogs 1 mile.

I really loved the sweat I got--24 mins and I felt fantastic!!

That's all I got!  I know this cold weather is mentally messing with me, so I look forward to this new week to be able to kick some butt. I start my 24 day challenge on Monday, so with super clean eating and no extra sugar etc. I know my energy will soar. I am PUMPED!!

How do you stay motivated with snow piled up outside of your door and temps that don't go above 20 degrees?  I love to inspire others, but sometimes I need some inspiration too.

Happy Sunday my friends.  Here's to a better workout week ahead!


  1. My workouts this week sucked as well. We ALL go through those phases, but I think it's great that you blog about it because that's what helps motivate me to do better the next week!!

  2. UGH. The cold. I think it's getting to all of us. I'm starting the 21 day fix tomorrow and I'm in an accountability group so I'm hoping that motivates me to work out on the regular and stick to my good eating habits!

  3. I can't help ya! We had 2 snow days this week and I babysat once. I did pretty much nothing because it's so cold out!

  4. Its ok. You have been doing great. The sun will shine again. :O) So happy for you doing the challenge on Monday

  5. I wish I had some advice on winter motivation. I don't have much myself. Now, when I'm going to the gym, I have a gym buddy I know is waiting for me, which helps me go. On the weekends, I've tried to tell myself I'll do a workout at home, but I rarely do. The couch is more comfortable. :(


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