Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cleanse Results {And Randoms}

I know "change" can be tricky.  Even for 10 days, to limit or restrict certain foods is a test.  It can be hard but the results?  Ahhh-mazing.   Trust me, I know it can be tricky to not have cheese. Or coffee. Or pasta.  But you know what? It's just 10 days. I cannot explain how awesome it feels emotionally to hit that goal, and physically to feel your best.

I bought this for myself as a "treat" as I continue on my health journey… {great issue, I highly recommend!}


I was up and out of bed waaaaaaay earlier than I normally am.  I am in love with Grape Spark and am now out.  Sad face! I need to order more.

While cleansing, I did all of this pretty much daily [minus the chocolate]

Cleanse Results after 10 days?

I wasn't looking to lose any more weight, I am happy with numbers on the scale, but clearly my body knows what its doing…so have at it! I can feel everything shifting and toning and slimming; I love it.

Oh and the big baggy booty---LOL.  Cracks me up that I have this poofy behind now, but really my bum is now way smaller.  Woot.

Thursday I got my hair done---did not chop it---just freshened up the length, added a bit more bang and of course, more blonde.  Hubby and I had a little date night and loved every minute of it!
I swear my hair is growing like a weed because of these amazing Omegas!! Shhh! It's my little secret.  Get yourself on some STAT if you're not taking this high quality supplement. It's a must. I give it as presents to friends and family because it's SO good for us.

I know I've shared my love for this product (which is on sale right now!!) Digest-ease is super helpful with digesting foods that don't always agree with us.  Whether it's a rumbling tummy or if you have trouble 'going' after certain foods, I see a huge difference in my husband when he takes these daily.  

I have fallen in love with Rehydrate as well.  I will sometimes mix it with my Spark in the morning or I enjoy it while working out…sometimes you just need to add flavor to your water and get some benefit out of it too!

And I was disgusted with these commercials while watching the Olympics…the one where athletes are biting their medal and people are biting their chicken mcnuggets.  So. Gross.  I hope to continue to educate myself and others on healthier eating habits.

**As always check with your Dr before adding any supplements to your diet.  I am not making medical claims with the use of Advocare, I am simply sharing what is working for myself and my family!


  1. Killed it! Keep up the great work!

  2. Eeeep! Congratulations on those amazing cleanse results, Jenn! And your hair looks gorgeous (it always does, though- you take such great care of it and always style it so well)!

    Okay. I need more details on this supplement that helps your hair grow because I have the sloooooowest growing hair EVER.


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