Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Randoms

What's up my peeps?  I miss you and I figured I'd share a few "What we've been up to" photos.

Sunday night hubby had an idea: Let's use the fireplace to cook.  Me: OK! If I get a night off of cooking, I'm in!!

Messy kitchen, please ignore.  He just threw a bunch of stuff in the foil packets along with chicken thighs or breasts.

We had one lone sweet potato; it was that good, yes!!

A cozy fire and our yummy dinner!
I attempted to meal plan, since I started my cleanse Monday.  I ended up switching it up, but I was SO happy to have written things out, because Tuesday came and I was like ahhh what do I make?! Oh yea, check the meal plan!

Monday was when Brooke got sick, so I made her 'semi' homemade chicken soup. I had Joe grab a whole (cooked) organic chicken and I made the rest.  Baby girl loved it! So did I.

This was the recipe I used. Not 100% perfect for cleansing, but since I hadn't gone to the grocery store, because Brooke was so sick I didn't want to take her out. I just wanted to use what I had on hand. I knew a few breadcrumbs and splashes of cooked wine weren't going to kill me.  It's from RHONJ Theresa's first cookbook. Winner!

I ended up making this Wednesday.   I really liked it, but it was too spicy (and I barely used any of the pepper!) for Joe, so he had a bowl of pasta. I tried not to eat the mushrooms while cleansing too, since they are a fungus and all.  Recipe here.

I needed some energy for my late night grocery run-- YUMMY combo! Spark & Rehydrate.

Let's be real, she's the star of my blog, so of course I need to share a few pics!  My MIL got her this I want to say at our baby shower!

She is feeling much better and we even visited Daddy for lunch.

I'm on Day 4 of my cleanse, and I am feeling OK.  I normally feel on top of the world, but I fear that I have some stupid sinus thing going on.  I'm trying so hard not to put ANY toxins in my body.  No advil or meds, so I am just downing my water and staying hydrated.  Love me some hot tea with lemon.

Oh, and dinner? Yeah, it's currently cooking itself in that slow cooker.  Recipe here. 

So, yeah…that sinus thing? Totally annoying. I'm not congested, nor do I have a runny nose.  I have just had a bad, bad bad headache (since before I started the cleanse, so no, it's not that I promise!) I did this and it seemed to help.  {burns a bit, but I feel like it moved some junk out!!}

I'll post more about my cleanse later.  Any fun V-Day plans?? 


  1. That fire pit dinner sounds awesome!! All your meals do! Coming over!! ;)

  2. Great photos by the way I love the Rehydrate , I Need to order some soon. By the way I been drinking a lot more water I take my Advocare protein shaker everywhere. I fill it up with water also and i keep track of how many oz I drink .. so cool.. i need another one lol .. great job on the meal planning .. for v day Andre works so its just me and Julian. We got him a gift and I'm going to take him out for ice cream .. have a great B day

  3. Eeeeep! I cannot handle how cute Brooke is in that leopard print outfit! Haha too cute! I hope your sinuses are all cleared up now! I've never had any sinus issues but have heard they're a real pain. Ugh!

    Also- how cozy to cook on the fireplace!


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