Friday, February 28, 2014

Currently {Friday edition}


I am currently…


I have so many goals and plans I sometimes get overwhelmed. I have my "Spring Project" and that will be our office!! I want to get the big old clunky desk out of there and spruce it up with a nice little white one.

I had my eye on this beauty!

I have to update about my February Financial Freeze, but I will say that I have learned to get creative and to go through items I no longer love and sell them.  This then gives me a little extra money to use towards new goodies that may serve a better purpose in my life (like said organizer!)

Proud of:
I am so proud of my 24 Day challengers who stuck through it until the end and had some amazing results!  Even this girl inspires me more than she probably knows!

Having a hard time with:
Miss Brooke acting all grown up.  Eating little snacks by herself why I wait for my Chiro.

I am LOVING these. I just don't want to forge for food or am running out the door so quickly, I whip one of these bad boys up and goooooo.  Thank you.

Thinking Spring:
I am not even in the mood to complain about this single digit weather, but I did try to bring Spring inside the house.

Goofy Girl.


I needed to SLAM while running errands the other day--OMG--everyone needs these in her car.  #getsstuffdone

Brookie slammed some water.  We have lost one of her sneaks.  She's covered in graham cracker.

Not doing:
This made me laugh.  I have SUCCESSFULLY not entered ONE Target (or online) the entire month of Feb. #hugeaccomplishment

She squats. A lot.

Got out of my comfort zone Thursday night by co-hosting a mixer with one of my local Advisors.  We just loved sharing the amazing products and business opportunities. It was a lot of fun!

Again, not going to complain bout the weather, but I am itching for "new".  I long for the days to get outside, garden, take walks, be one with nature…but I am not a frozen tundra kinda gal.  So I began this little addiction…#ohwow

Beyonce.  My brother burned me the CD.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I need to finish The Traveler's Gift.

What are you currently up to?!


  1. I love this post, Jenn! So positive and fun! You didn't enter a Target store during the entire month of February? That is AMAZING! I think I might try that out this month...I'd probably save some serious $$$! Oh, and how I love tulips! I think they're such happy flowers!

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