Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week in Workouts

Happy Sunday friends!!  It's time for our weekly linkup with Nikki and Ashley!!

Bliss to Bean

Each week I reflect and I cannot believe 7 whole days have passed. Crazy how time flies with a little one!  {or in general!}

I stuck with a lot of Yoga moves this week. I just felt that it was what my body wanted.  I feel great on day 7 of my cleanse and look forward to starting the max phase next week!!

Sunday-CU24 Supplemental Upper Body workout
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Gentle Yoga on You Tube for [tmi cramps]
Wednesday- Yoga Meltdown Jillian Michaels
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Zen in your Den Yoga

So my goal for this 24 day challenge is to lean out and tone up.  I don't want to lose weight, but I really would like to see more muscle definition.  So here is a picture to keep me held accountable.

I love this.  You just can't ever quit!!

This is no joke! It's definitely not a serene and calm yoga practice.  I for sure felt it the next day! Love it.

I didn't take pictures the other days.  I was lucky to squeeze a workout in!  Poor Brooke has been sick with Bronchiolits; I thought she was getting better but then it took a turn on Friday and I took her to the Dr. Not much to do, other than lots of fluids, rest, and love.  Stupid virus will have to run its course.

I see in my forecast that it may reach the 40's next week--HOLLA!  This girl is super excited to jump on the elliptical in the garage.  We have a space heater and if it's not crazy cold, I really don't mind it.

How'd your workouts go this week? Any new fun at home routines I can try? I need to get back into Zumba or dancing. I love that most.


  1. I'm hoping I will eventually have time to start doing some yoga. They say it is really good for runners.

  2. Look at you all getting ripped! LOVE it! You did great this week!

  3. girl your looking toned . great job. Poor Brooke. Hope she feels better soon. Julian is not feeling well also. :O(

  4. I love reading your posts! They are so motivating! You look great!!


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