Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week in Workouts

I LOVE a fresh start.  This month, I have lots of goals and am excited to continue working on my workouts.  Let's start by rounding out the extremely long never-ending month of January, with sharing my week in workouts!  Link up with Nikki, Ashley and me every Sunday! Let's empower each other to get our hearts pumping for good health! 

Bliss to Bean

1.27 Monday- CU24 
1.28 Tuesday-Rest
1.29 Wednesday- Rest
1.30 Thursday- Jillian Michael's Shred it w/ weights
1.31 Friday- Rest
2.1  Saturday- CU24 Powerflow Yoga

I hit my "3x a week" goal, but I want to workout more.  

Monday I dressed myself in workout gear in hopes that I would just get her done.

I have a love/hate relationship with these two. I was attempting to do some bicep curls with the resistance band, while sitting on the ball.  It may have smacked me right in the face!! oy.

Not a bad 24 minute workout burn.

Stay fueled during the day!

Thursday's workout almost didn't happen.  I can't just pop my DVD into my player because my husband has his PS3 headphones attached and so the sound comes through there.  I grabbed my lap top to use, but it died. So I had to plug it in and do my workout this way.  A total pain and I'm working on fixing this because it's making me want to just go get a gym membership! Oy.

Saturday I was sore from the week and really needed a good stretching.

What'd your week in workouts look like?? Link up below!


  1. I'd love to eventually turn one of my extra bedrooms into an at home gym. My ancient dvd player hasn't been hooked up in two years and I'm not sure it even works so I'll have use my laptop when I give my new workout dvd a go. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Your workout gear is so cute!

    Also- I loved that FB post you put up about the benefits of drinking more water. Very cool stuff!

  3. I tried the Rehydrate this week when I wasn't feeling that hot (gatorade always helped before) and it was SO GOOD :)

  4. I know you know this but I love CU24 and I can not wait to do it the regular way! Great job getting your 3 workouts in!

  5. Love the outfit! You did great this week, keep it up!

  6. great job. great motivation your lab top died but you did not give up .. :O)


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