Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kale Cubes

So, with this whole watching my money thang, I really am trying to better about the food I buy.  Sometimes I forget about it and it goes bad and I throw it out. HUGE waste of money.  I had a large container of kale.  This happens quite often since Joe cannot eat a lot of fresh greens, I try to eat them all, but sometimes I just can't. Enter freezing it!

I put enough water in the bottom of the pan to cover {ok I used more but I recommend using less} and then brought it to a boil, dumped my kale.

I let it cook down a bit, about 2 minutes and turned it off.

The water will have a murky green color--USE it! It is full of antioxidants and nutrients. Carefully, pour it into a blender. I poured mine in the sink, thankfully!

Blend until it is a liquid.

Grab an ice cube tray, pour, and freeze!

Now I have frozen kale to add to smoothies or soups or whatever!  How smart is that?! I was pretty excited.   I plan on doing this with spinach or any other green too if I have a bit of surplus and it starts to go bad.

But I thought cooking kale loses its nutrients?  Well, after reading a lot, I always go back to, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.  I read that cooked kale is great for cholesterol levels.  I also read that raw kale is great for cancer fighting properties.  So, both are great! Enjoy!!

Pop them out and throw then in a ziploc bag.

My frozen kale smoothie!! 


  1. Great idea! I HATE tossing out veggies b/c they went bad. Awesome save!

  2. What a great idea! Kale is a new thing to me and I haven't tried anything with it because I simply have no idea where to start. (If you couldn't tell, cooking in general is kind of new to me.) I've heard it's great in smoothies and this makes it so easy to add!

  3. We need to get a new blender so we can start freezing things better. Most stuff we finish but there are things from time to time that I would rather cook and freeze than throw away.

  4. SO SMART!! I need to do this with spinach.


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