Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Freeze!

I know, I am as shocked as you are.  For real though, I've decided that I'm all about challenge, [I have my 24 day challenge coming up again soon!] and I feel so empowered when I take control of things.  So for this {haha short} month of February, I'm putting myself on a financial freeze.  What does that mean? Well, I am not too sure, I will figure it out as I go!

I have given us a budget for the month and I am excited to see how that works! I am really turning into quite a dork and I am ok with that!

My plan is to track and keep receipts of all purchases. I have a highly technologically advanced system:

An envelop, in which I will place all said receipts and if I make an online purchase, I'll just write down the date, the amount and the item bought.

I will also not be buying ANYTHING for fun.  No random boutique purchases.  No jewelry. No extras!  Just the necessities people!


I want to do this for a few reasons. One being, we looked our YTD and saw how much is in our bank account.  We did have a baby last year, but we really should and could be saving more money.  So I want to really see how much we are spending on things that we need, and really take a step back from buying things that we just want.

I think it's all too easy to step into Target for diapers and walk out with a cart full of stuff that is all fun, but really not needed.  This will also help me attain my yearly goal of not having so much darn clutter around these parts! 

It has also been a very long and cold winter, and I think sometimes online shopping can happen a LITTLE too frequently.  So, while we are not in a financial crisis, we want to be smarter with our money.  I'm really starting to earn quite a bit with my AdvoCare business, so that is something new to me.  I have never been my own CEO and this whole money thing is intriguing to me!

I know a lot of people are looking into the Dave Ramsey stuff, and I looked briefly but to be honest, I am looking forward to just starting here with what I've got.  


One thing that I noticed, is that when I can, I save a lot more money when I go grocery shopping without the baby.  It's tricky to watch her, hold/use my coupons and stick to my list.  She starts getting a little cranky and I start throwing stuff in my cart.  Not good.  So I am really making an effort to go to the store once a week and really stick to my list and use coupons (I get the Sunday paper delivered)

When meal planning, I'm starting by opening my cupboards, freezer and fridge to see what we have and then build my menu from there. 

Anyone want to join me in my February Financial Freeze?! 


  1. Oh perfect! I'm joining you! Good thing I got my shopping done yesterday!

  2. This is awesome! We did a no spend month in February (I'm posting about it tomorrow) and it's CRAZY to see how much money we have when we don't waste it on dumb little purchases. Good luck! You can do it! :)


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