Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hair Help and Some Quotes

So I have this debate every year... My husband and my hairdresser usually talk me out of it. I posted this on Instagram last night. What are your thoughts friends?! Have you done "the chop"?  I cut mine super super short back when I was 19…I went for a Meg Ryan type of cut.  I loved it, but I thought it made me look older.  I'll try to find a pic.

And some quotes…

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. I am such a huge quotes person. I thrive off motivational quotes so I love these. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, but I'm so happy with cutting mine all off. I had mine long for years and it's just fun to mix it up.

  2. I say go short! I have a pixie cut and I LOVE it.

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  4. Such positive words to remember! :)

    I am all for short always grows back, and it's fun to mix things up!


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