Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Week in Workouts!

Good Sunday morning my sweets!! I hope you all and great week and that you're ready to rock this upcoming week with workouts.   Linking up again with Nikki and Ashley as we encourage and empower one another to break a sweat and be healthy!

Bliss to Bean

With Joe home sick with Crohn's for a few days (Sun-Tues) and Brooke still nursing her Bronchiolitis, it was not a normal week around here.  I did what I could and even when I didn't want to do anything, I still tuned into a few quick TIU workouts and burned some calories.  Nothing impressive, but better than nothing.

Sun-Weds notta.
Thursday: TIU Kettlebell--OMG LOVED this!  I could feel it for two days after too!
Friday: TIU Love Your Body Yoga 
Saturday: TIU Abs/Arms

15 minute Kettlebell = 108 cals; not bad!

I tried the TIU girls last year and they certainly worked me out and then I forgot about them… So when I saw the gorgeous Elizabeth doing their workouts,  I checked it out again. I am a girlie girl through and through, and nothing speaks to me more than a pretty scene, flowers, soft lighting and pink. Haha. I am not a cross-fitter nor am I a runner.  I may be one day, but for now?  I am happy with being me.  And if the workout is glam and girlie? Heck yes, I'm in!!  At least I own it.

What are your favorite workouts this week?  Any good sports bra recommendations? I am thinking of trying the newer VS ones.  


  1. I'd love to invest in some kettle bells for at home. They're some of my favorite exercises at the gym with my trainer.

  2. I love the TIU workouts too! Short but good workout! Good work mama!!

  3. Great work friend! You did great this week!

  4. I swear by Champion sports bras. I need maximum support for most of my workouts, and they do the job.

  5. Oh and I'll echo Micah's recommendation of Champion sports bras--specifically C9 by Champion at Target. SO awesome!!


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