Monday, January 2, 2017

Mommy Monday

Happy Monday!!

We are still on vacation mode and playing with toys. I'm going to be taking down our tree and packing up the last of Christmas.

Magic Tracks were quite the hit! We misplaced the blue car and haven't even gotten to use it; I'm hoping that I discover it when I clean the living room and tear down the tree.

Mr. Potato Head is a hit too!

Before Christmas, I got to take this sweetie to get her nails done for the first time!! It was fun, even if she had ants in her pants and asked five million questions.

She was super excited to pick out a color.  I laughed so hard because she kept saying she was going to pick out blue, but when the time came, she chose pink!

Christmas Eve on the way to Grandma's house.  Brooke was full blown Christmas mode and singing every song she knew the words to.  This may have meant Joe had to play Rudolph over and over again until we could no longer take it.

Friday we had our friends over for one final gift exchange/Christmas gathering.  

Their daughter is 9 months old and I can't wait to see them all really play together one day!

Saturday brought lots of snuggles because Brooke started not feeling well and we canceled NYE plans.

I'll tell ya, it felt good to feel great on New Years Day!  I ran to Starbucks with my little man.

I even made a little menu plan for the week!! My goal is to get back to eating 100% clean all day and then come dinner, I make a meal everyone will enjoy.  I tend to load up on veggies/swap out for brown rice or quinoa, spaghetti squash for pastas.  Or, I'll enjoy a small side of the pasta and fill up on protein/veggies for my meal.

It's easy to get frustrated with the lack of routine, but we really enjoyed just going with the flow and spending lots of time together.  Hubby has off today, so he's out at the land rabbit hunting. Not sure how that will go!  I'm going to put on The Food Network and work on de-Christmasing. :)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. sounds like Christmas was a success!

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