Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!! Isn't that the truth.  I strongly believe that what we focus on increases.  Sure we have bad days, but lately if my days start getting a little funky or rather trying, I stop and focus on something that is good in my life.  Gratitude (my word for 2017) is so powerful. Now, I get it some days are going to be doozies, and we will wish for a re-do, but perhaps there is something in this setback that is actually a set-up for something even better in our lives.  Just chew on that thought for a bit...
I also believe you can never have too many photos of your kids eating pasta.  How did the pasta get stuck on his forehead?! Bradley Joseph, we love you and your silly ways.

This week was full of of lots of downtime and snuggling.  Even Saturday, when everyone was feeling better we still took it easy and just relaxed a bit after nap time.  I am not going to lie, I really love just snuggling.  Usually we are all go-go-go, with this cold temperature, there is nothing going full speed at this time!

Especially since Mr. Bubs had his first bout of the stomach flu last Tuesday.  It was no fun but he made it through and we are doing much better now!

Friday Joe stayed home with the kiddos and I had my physical early in the morning (7:30) then treated myself to a little Starbucks breakfast and 'work time.'  I really just organized my head, wrote out some ideas, figured out my schedule.  Sometimes you just need a new, quiet space to clear your thoughts and write them down on paper.  Being a stay at home mommy is the best job ever, but I find it hard to always get my head on straight when someone needs me for something every other minute!

After my brain dump sesh, with myself, I headed to my hair salon.  I wanted more blonde, so more blonde is what he gave me! I am a little hesitant because it is WAY blonde, but hey I asked for it so I'll rock it.  Just call me Holly Madison for the next 3.5 weeks and I'll probably go back to highlights after.  It's hard to be this blonde without a tan!! Ha.  But hey, ya never can be too blonde...right? ;) Plus I sent SOS texts to my makeup gurus to help me balance out my coloring. Gotta love good friends.

I also had to laugh because two of my dear friends tagged me in this shirt on Facebook.  While I can't listen to as much rap as I used to, (hello little ears!) I still bump it in my Suburban or throw in the ear buds if I need to clean/ fact after this post publishes, I'm going to throw on sneakers and plug in so I can clean my house top to bottom.  I'll probably be mixing between Jay-Z and motivational pod casts!! #reallife

And in other news....these pretty Spring necklaces will be available tomorrow!! I love me a solid statement necklace; it was not easy choosing from all of these beauties. However, I did settle on #3 and I have a feeling Ezra will be making many appearances in my selfie-stream!

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a stylist?  Feel free to ask me anything!! I would love to answer your questions. 

I hope you have a fabulous day that is filled with much love, laughter & peace. 

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