Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year

I will break these down and I'm sure become laser focused as the year progresses, but as of today, 1/1/17?  Here are my 10 areas of focus:

1.  Use the good camera
2.  Exercise 4x a week
3.  Meditate daily
4.  Read 2 books a month
5.  Hit my business goals
6.  Travel
7.  Heal my reflux
8.  Spend more time with my sister
9.  Write my book
10.  Work on new house stuff

My word for 2017: Gratitude

It came to me, as I had been putting it out there into the universe that I needed a new word.  I kept hearing it, seeing it, reading about it, listening to podcasts...finally it struck me that God must want me to focus more on Gratitude.

The more you focus on what is good and positive in your life, the more of that you will attract.  It's so hard to do this when you're having a rough moment.  Often when something goes "wrong" in our lives, we focus so much on that, more 'bad stuff' starts to happen.

Try to turn it around as soon as it happens.  I'm not saying you have to find the positive in a tragic situation; there are certain things that deserve our deepest emotions.  I'm just talking about the little bumps that we tend to overdramatize...

The spilled cup of milk.

Running late.

You husband being sick on NYE, so your fancy plans go out the window.

So many things are out of our control and if we just realize that maybe things happen just the way they should, we could all be a little happier.

So today, I am embarking on a new path of my journey and embracing all of life's ups and downs.  Progress, not perfection.  Smile, breathe and indulge in some self-care.

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Happy New Year Style Babes!!

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  1. My husband was sick last night too, so our NYE was not very exciting. :( BUT, it did give me lots of unexpected time to work on my goals for the year! I loved reading yours, you are going to have a great year! Happy 2017!


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