Friday, January 6, 2017

Fashion Friday

Well, I hoped to have plenty of fashion inspiration for you this Friday from yours truly, but truth?  Our house has been full of the sickies. :(   Joe and I did not get all dressed up and go out for NYE.  And the rest of the week?  I lived in sweats and changed frequently, only because our sweet baby boy had his first bout of the stomach bug.  Not fun!!  I did enjoy the extra cuddles and snuggles, but I have never seen him so sick. Poor guy!

I do have some fabulous January specials to share!
Shop this link to get any of these Trunk Show Exclusives with any $50 purchase.

Oh, and by shopping that link?  You could win the hostess rewards, which are currently up to $61!!

The Spring line launches soon!! I am thinking the top left Nila Chandeliers.

The Getaway bag is super popular, and this is a little smaller and a little more affordable: The Day Tripper.   Totally getting this too!

Which one of these is your favorite?

The poncho scarf is so adorable many adorable pieces in this collection!

See something you love?! Let's book a Trunk Show ASAP.  I have even created a quick fool proof hostess coaching group to ensure that you'll get fabulous sales and earn lots of FREE Stella!

Or perhaps you're ready for something new.  Maybe you come here and check out what I'm doing and are curious about being a stylist?  If you're even remotely on the fence, my advice is DO IT!  I will be honest that I signed on in March and didn't do much with my business at all until August.  What made me sign?  A heck of a deal!  We are currently offering that incredible deal again.

To start up your very own business, all you need to invest is $199.  In return?  You will get $450 in accessories.  If you are teachable and coachable, you will earn that investment right back and end up with even MORE freebies.  I'm looking to expand my style team so let's chat!

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